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Thursday, October 27, 2011

An interesting story from Elder Gagnon's companion's blogspot...


I found Elder Gagnon's companion, Elder Christie's mission blog this week and wanted to share an interesting story he related to his parents last week about the importance of being in tune with the spirit. Elder Gagnon didn't mention it in his email home but I suppose it was more significant to Elder Christie, so he shared it. Anyway, here's the story from his blog...the companion he's speaking of is Chris, of course. Enjoy!

"So I have a story for you!! This week we were out working and on the way home and it's pitch black out and there are cars coming and no sakyen, which is transportation so we were walking along and all of a sudden my companion says we should cross the road so we did. 30 seconds later I see a Philippines cobra crossing the road right where I would have been. It was about 6-7 feet long and I'm pretty sure I would have stepped on it. So just know that I'm safe and that the Lord really does protect us. Oh and it got ran over about 10 seconds later!"

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