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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Week 39 - I'm staying here with Elder Christie!

On the road in Santa Monica

With Mike the Ward Mission Leader

Fell in some muddy water

Hey guys!

It's transfer day! AAAAAAAAND, I'm staying here, with Elder Christie! Haha. What a surprise! So it's been a pretty decent week. We're still really trying hard to build up the area but yea. Haha. Last transfer was pretty good. Sorry about last week. I was honestly exhausted when I wrote that letter. Our area is like all walking and all hills and all mud so I was just kinda tired. I'm still really tired and I think I have actually lost the weight that I gained in Roxas...The week before was also really hard because we lost like 2 or 3 out of like 5 investigators, one of which, Gina, had a baptismal date. So I was a little bit down last week. I'm all great now though! That was for like 2 days maybe, now I'm happy, excited and ready to start a new transfer!

Oh, one really cool thing. Only one missionary got transfered out of our whole zone, that was Elder Baltazar. He is going to be a zone leader in Narra, the other zone in Palawan. I'm gonna miss him, we got to be pretty good friends being in the same zone for 3 transfers in a row.

Our investigators are doing alright. We found some new ones last week that I think will have potential. We found 2 families, The Seriosa Family and Nalde Family. The only problem is they both live a little far from the church. So that might be a hard obstacle for them. The Nalde family also has a lot of kids and apparently its P80 for all them to get to the church which is a lot. :( The Serioso family is good though. We only met with them once and they seem like they will progress. We're going back to them tomorrow.

Then there is Nancy, who got confirmed last Sunday. Which was great! She is super nice to both Elder Christie and I. She gave us both a panyo (I do not remember the word for that in english....), which was really nice. She said she got them for us because Mike told her that one of us might be leaving on Wednesday. Mike helped out a lot last week. He worked with us everyday. He is also starting to open up to investigators. Starting this week I'm going to teach him how to teach so he can actually help us with the lessons, which would be really helpful! :D

Karen is also doing really well. She just needs to get married. So we are still working on that for her and her husband. She wasn't able to come to church last week because she was really sick. Actually, we had no investigators show up to church last week, which was tough.

Also last week we found a lot of new people. I went on splits so I worked with Mike and E.Christie worked with Ashley, Our Branch Mission leader. Mike and I both went to a far place where President Maico lives called Irawan. We went to President Maico's house first and we spoke about opening up a group in Irawan. So starting this week, Elder Christie and I are both going to do finding in Irawan and hopefully have investigators that will want to go church in Irawan.

There is also Milynn, one of our investigators who I don't know if I said this in my last letter, but she is doing great! On the way to her house last week though I fell in about ankle high mud. So that was funny. I missed a small little bridge that I didn't see and fell. It was really dirty and my socks were soaked. Luckily she was our last appointment and she lent me some flipflops to use. Anyways we committed her to baptism on the first lesson which was good and we have to follow up on how she is doing tomorrow! So far so great though!

We have a new investigator who is also really kind, her name is Juliet. She lives alone and her husband died. I cried the first time we met her and that was I think the second time I cried in an investigator's house.... It was a rough day, we got punted, so we had to find and I swear it was just so sad because no one would listen or even want to talk. Some we would talk to and they would just yell back from inside the home. They wouldn't even come out to see us. And after like 2 hours of that, without having a lesson I was pretty down. Then we found Juliet, found out about her and her situation, and shared a part of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the Plan of Salvation. While sharing about the Atonement I actually started to have tears. Actually that was a good experience. It was a very spiritual lesson and she really wants to continue meeting with us.

It was a good week last week. Even though we didn't have anyone at church I know that things are going to get better here in STA Monica. I'm really hoping and praying that we can find people who want to progress. It's been really hard to find people who want to get taught or progress. Things will get better though. :D

I did not bring my camera with me this week. But My companion remembered his. So I will be sending some pics from his camera home. Sorry I forgot It! :( Don't worry about the whole Journal thing. I still have enough. I still have to get better about updating it though... Also, don't worry about what to send to me. Actually if there is one thing. It would be pictures. I haven't seen any of you in like 9 months. I don't even know if you all look the same. Haha. Actually I could maybe use some new ties. That is about it though, don't worry about anything else. I don't want to ask for anything really. Haha. OH. Tell Jason I said welcome home and that I hope he has an amazing life.

Thanks for everything Guys! I love you all so much and I pray for you all all the time!

Mahal ko kayo!

Elder Chris Gagnon

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