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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week 38: I played guitar and sang "I Am a Child of God"

Hello Family!

This week was great and well.....just sort of ok. It had it's downs and ups for sure! All and all though, pretty great! Nancy was baptized last weekend and we were all so happy for her. We got her son, Mike, who works with us almost everyday and is a new convert as of last June to baptize her! He was really against it at first because he is really new and didn't know what to do. It was funny because I taught it to him in Tagalog and I was one of the only ones actually at the baptism so I had to witness it was done right. Haha. Usually people here just do it in English but Mike has a really hard time in English so I told him how to do it in Tagalog. So he did. It was really great though! I played a guitar that President Maico brought and all the missionaries that were there and I sang "I Am a Child of God". It was really great. One thing I really love about baptisms is hearing the new convert bearing their testimony. I think it is one of my favorite things on my mission. Nancy cried during hers. And she was really happy that Mike could baptize her! It was a really good day. There was also a few of the investigators of the Sisters that also got baptized. They baptized a family of 3 which was awesome! Anyways, that was the baptism. I don't really remember everything that happened last week but yea. I will do my best!

We did a ton of finding last week. We found some new people who might progress. I had a weird spiritual prompting this week to actually not start a lesson with an opening prayer. And I have a been thinking about it a lot lately and it can actually be a good thing sometimes. I always end the lesson in a prayer though. But I find that sometimes while contacting someone, if the spirit is already there while having a conversation it is sometimes just a lot better to immediately teach and testify. Just depends. We taught one lady this week whose name is Yolly. We tracted her a few days ago and she said that missionaries actually shared with her a long time ago. She is pretty nice and wants to listen to us. I'm excited to get back to her tomorrow. She seems like she will progress really well.

We have been teaching Karen a lot lately just kind of reviewing everything with her and reminding her of her baptismal committment. She is amazing. She came to general conference last weekend and she really loves the Book of Mormon. She has told us a million times that Nephi is actually her hero because of his obedience. She is really great. She just needs to continue coming to church and get married which we are really trying to work out with her and her husband. We also really want to teach Brother. It would be great! Trying to organize a FHE there. Would be nice!

So last Thursday was one of the worst days ever. We have been struggling to have progressing investigators. On Thursday we only had 4 that were really progressing. We have some lukewarm to cold investigators and it's been hard. We're trying to work with members and less actives... BUT we only had 4 progressing investigators and we went to go visit one of them, Sister Miraflores. And right when we got there she said that she wouldn't have time. So I just kind of shared my testimony and told her to read, ponder and pray about the Book of Mormon because everything really relies on that. I promised blessings and everything but yea...I don't know what will happen. THEN after that visit Gina texted us and said that she couldn't be taught anymore because she is actually a maid at a house and the owner of the house said she couldn't get taught anymore or she would lose her job. Gina lives in the house so that's a pretty big problem because she would pretty much lose her home. So yea. That was pretty discouraging because we committed her to baptism.

General conference was Amazing! I loved Elder Callister's talk about the Book of Mormon and the little sort of object lesson that I will soon begin to use in my lessons! Haha. I LOVE object lessons so much. They really invite the Spirit and they really help the investigator's understand. I try and use one per lesson :) I also really liked Jeffrey R. Holland's talk during priesthood. It was really great! We didn't get to see everything though because there was a black out and then we had the baptism. So yea. We missed some of General conference :(

Everything is really going good. I love Elder Christie! I'm sad that this week could be one of our last in STA Monica because next week is transfer week! So we will find out who will be staying or leaving or if we will both be staying. The mission is going soooooo fast. It is really unbelievable. Next transfer will be the second to last for my follow up trainer Elder Nye. I kinda hope he gets transferred to Palawan or I get transferred back to Manila before he leaves. It would be nice to say goodbye. I miss him a lot. Anyways I'm going to stop talking about companions. Haha. There will be time when I get back to talk about them. Haha.

Thank you so much for everything. I don't really have time to write anymore. I have to leave now. Sorry I didn't write so much! I love you guys so much and I hope you have a great week! Please tell everyone you see that I know that I love them so much and I hope everything is going really well with them! Haha. I love you guys! Have an amazing week!


Elder Chris Gagnon!

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