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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Enjoying Soul's Day?

Halloween fun with Elder Christie

"Finding" in the forest

A road through Santa Monica

Hey guys!

I hope everything is well at home because I didn't get an email from you guys.... Last week was really good actually. We went on 2 splits and had a lot of success. I guess I will write about my week!

Last Tuesday Elder Christie and I did a bit of finding in another area. We found 2 families. One of them wasn't from the area but they seemed pretty interested. It is too bad that they moved back to Manila later that night. Then we found the Pashion family and they are actually really nice. Sister is really nice and so is brother. Actually we went back to them on Saturday and they invited us in and we had lunch with them. And after we had lunch, we taught them the restoration. Brother is also really nice. They have 2 daughters. They seem like they might progress but there area is a bit far from the church and they didn't come last week. So that was a little bit to bad. :(. We did a bit more of finding, but that family was definitely the highlight because they are a family and nothing is better then teaching a family! :)

Last Wednesday Elder Hyde, one of our zone leaders worked in our area and Elder Christie went to Puerto and worked with Elder Black. That day we actually planned to do all finding in an area called Irawan. So we went there and found a few people that were really interested. One family actually owns a Seventh Day Adventist Church and they invited me to go to their church on Saturday after they have service and teach.....I said I would go but when Saturday came along I actually prayed the night before and that morning on whether we should go to their church or not and I had a really strong feeling not to. I'm not sure why because there might have been a lot of people there and some might have even wanted to listen to our message. But I had a really strong feeling there might have been some who just want to debate. So I listened to that prompting and just didn't go. We went back to them on Sunday but they weren't there. Anyways we also found this man named Carleto. This guy is soooooo funny. I actually love this man. We went to this little place in the forest and found this hut and this man came out and said it was fine that we could share with him. After learning a bit about him we found out that we had actually found and taught his son, Nylo, earlier that day. We taught Tatay the message of the restoration and I used my puzzle for an object lesson for describing the apostasy. The only problem was I actually lost my old really small puzzle so I bought a new one that was small but had a little more pieces. I opened it at this Tatay's place and it had soooooo many more pieces. And this was his first time ever doing a puzzle so it took us 40 minutes to do this stupid puzzle! Haha. It was funny but he understood the message which was great:) We committed him to baptism that lesson and we taught his wife and committed her the following Sunday. I think they are going to do great! We also found other people out there in that area, Irawan.

Thursday I worked in Puerto with our district leader, Elder Peterson and his companion, Elder Cooper worked with Elder Christie in STA Monica. It was cool because Elder Cooper is a very new missionary and Elder Christie is also kinda new, so yea. Anyways for the 2nd day in a row we did a full day of FINDING! Haha. It went ok. We found a few new people and taught this one crazy guy who just went off on all these conspiracy theories. It took us a while to get out of that house....That was about it though.

Friday I returned to my area and worked with my beloved companion, Elder Christie. We did some finding in Irawan, again. We didn't have as much success though. Then we ate at President Maico's and discussed opening up a group in Irawan that night. :)

Saturday we found a few new people and taught Yolly. She is super nice and really receptive. We taught her a bit about the message about the restoration and committed her to baptism. We also taught the Pashion family and that went well and it was a good day. We also found a new investigator and plan to have FHE at her house. We also taught Nelson, He has been committed to the 3rd of December for baptism but he did not go to church so we have to follow up on that.

Sunday we had church then went to Irawan again, did finding found a new person who moved there from SAN PEDRO! She actually used to live in my old area! Haha. She moved here about 10 years ago, her name is Melody and she has three kids and is very nice. We also taught Nylo and his son, and his son actually came from ROXAS! Haha. He used to live out there and now he is here living in Puerto. We taught Nylo and it was a great lesson! After that we taught his father, Carleto, met his wife, taught her too. We just went over the restoration again. I love tatay so much, he is super funny, Elder Christie introduced himself and well I will just write out what happened.

E.C: Ako po si Elder Christie.


It was soooo funny! He isn't crazy or anything he is just really funny like that. He is actually really good friends with President Maico. We committed him and his wife to baptism on Sunday and they will come to church next week! I'm excited for both of them! :D

And that is about it for this week. I got your guys package today! And I haven't opened it yet. But I will later. Thank you so much for that! Things seem to be really picking up in STA Monica. We had a meeting with President Maico last Sunday and we are going to have church in Irawan next week. So how it will work is we will go church in STA Monica, then go to Irawan and have sacrament meeting out there at President Maicos house. I'm really excited and hope it goes really great! We are spending 3 days a week out there, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and we have some really good people out there that want to hear the Gospel!

Anyways thank you for all your guys' support. OH and Happy Halloween! Haha. Here it is called soul's day and people don't do a whole lot. But yea! Anyways I love you guys! Hope you have a great week!


Elder Chris Gagnon!

P.S...I forgot my camera at the house NEXT TIME! :)

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