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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I needed to be little bit bolder...

Scraping coconuts at the Palengke in Roxas with President Bayaras

Elder Chiong, Sister Castillo, Alejandro and Elder Gagnon

Last night in Roxas at Sister Lee's home

Hey Guys!

Had an alright week last week in STA Monica! Things are going ok! Did a ton of finding and got punted like 5 times almost everyday. Things are a little hard, but the area is progressing. It all seems to be doing really well! :D

Last Tuesday we visited a ton of less actives with a member in the branch. We found one of them who hadn't been to church in almost 2 years! He spoke about how he was always working on Sunday and had a hard time asking to get it off. I shared with him a verse from the Book Of Mormon that said his family needs to come back to church and he said he would come back. It was weird but I had a really strong feeling that I needed to be a little bit bolder and I'm usually only a little bit bold when I speak to people, but this time was really different. Anyways I don't remember exactly what I said but whatever it was it must of worked because he came to church and brought his whole family! I was so happy because we only had 1 investigator show up to church last week and that was Nancy. I was really happy that family came back to church. We are going to visit with them this week again and maybe have an FHE at their place.

Last Wednesday we went finding and taught a few less actives. We taught a few good lessons. We also taught Nancy and she invited her friend to listen to us. Her friends name is Devine. She came in like half way as I was teaching the law of tithing. I tried a new object lesson that I thought of last week, which was kind of fun for doing the blessings of tithing. Anyways we got to know Devine a little bit and I gave her a Book of Mormon and invited her to read the Introduction. She is a really nice lady. After we taught them we taught Gina who is still doing good even though she was not able to go to church last week.

Last Thursday we tried visiting a few of the new investigators which we had. None of them were around. We got punted all day. It was tough...We had a dinner appointment that night with the sisters and the zone leaders at President Mosqueras house. It was a bit weird because when we got there he wasn't there. So yea. We had dinner without him. And that was about it for Thursday.

Last Friday we taught Nancy a small lesson about Baptism which went well. After we taught her we taught Devine. We followed up on her reading and she read everything and the witnessess of the Book of Mormon! She read more than what we gave her and she said she believes that the Book of Mormon is from God. So I was pretty speechless. The lesson was pretty much her just talking about what she read. At the end of the lesson we gave her a lesson 1 pamphlet about the Restoration and asked when we could come back to visit her. She said........that we couldn't.........because she was leaving to another place and wouldn't be coming back here till January. Which is really too bad because I really thought we had a golden investigator. But it's ok. Haha. It would have been nice though to have a good new investigator though. That night we had a dinner appointment with the sisters at President Maico's (Branch president) house. We had fried chicken! It was good! He lives pretty far away and he wants to start a group in Sicsikan which all the members in our area could go to. That would be cool if we could do that. We have to discuss it a little more. All of our investigators are a little bit far from the church. So it would be good if we could do it.

Saturday we taught Gina the Restoration and we found another new investigator. Then that night we had Correlation. It went really well! The Branch mission leader and the Branch missionaries are all really excited to work and it is all going really great!

Sunday we went out and visited a few less actives with the branch mission leader. We organized a few family home evenenings with some of the people and I think we're gonna gave a great time this week! FHEs at members houses are actually really ideal for finding and it is something kind of new which we are trying. Hopefully it works! That night we visited an old investigator. She wants to be baptized and all she has to do is be married. So we are getting that started this week which should be interesting! I'm excited for her and I think it is going to go great! Elder Comish and his companion Elder Kummer came from Taytay yesterday. We went on splits because we had a lesson at 7:30 at night and they came in at about 7. So I worked with Elder Comish! And things went great. We taught Nancy about the importance of scripture study. It was weird because I have never taught a lesson with Elder Comish and we did really well together. We committed Nancy to read the whole Book of Mormon from start to finish. And she said she would do it!

Today we had district meeting and now we're here! That's about it for this week! Hopefully this week we won't get punted so much from appointments and be able to find more progressing investigators.

For Christmas, I don't really have anything that I really want. I guess the best would be just to surprize me. I really don't know. I know I said I would think about it, but I didn't. Haha.... There's just no time or enough hours in the day.

I really love everything though. I am sooooo happy all the time and just love to work. It really is the greatest thing in the world. Thank you all for everything! I hope you all have a great week!

Love you!!

Elder Chris Gagnon

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hey Guys!

I did have a great week! Really busy, but really great! Me and Elder Christie are doing a lot of work and doing pretty well! Here's how my week went! (I actually brought my planner! haha.)

So last Tuesday we went and worked with the Branch President, President Maico. I really like President Maico, he is really humble and just a really nice man. We visited a few of the members that day and we also taught Nancy. It was a good day, we just met a lot of the members. A lot of them are saying that it is a great thing that they finally have Elders again in STA Monica. Everyone has been really friendly and supportive of us so far. It's great!

Last Wednesday, Elder Christie and I both went to Irawan because we thought it would be a good idea to find out there because missionaries have never really gone finding there. We didn't really have a lot of success finding out there. We didn't really find anyone who was interested. And that is about all we did for that day.

Last Thursday we had exchanges, Elder Black(Zone leader) came and worked with me in my area. We actually had a pretty good day. We taught a good amount of lessons and found a few new potential investigators. I was kind of nervous though because Elder Black at the begining of the day showed me this paper and it was like a grading sheet on a bunch of different things. We taught a referral that day. It was given to us by Mike, a branch missionary in our branch. He is a recent convert and wants to go on a mission next year! So we taught this referral, her name is Gina and she said that it is great what we were doing as missionaries and she actually wants to become one sometime in the near future! Soooooo we taught her about baptism and we gave her a date on October 15th! So that is our goal for her and I think she will do great! She already came to church last Sunday! I'm excited for her. The rest of the day we went finding!

Last Friday, we studied that morning, then went to Puerto and did another exchange. I worked with Elder Cooper, Elder Petersons (District Leader) trainee. And Elder Peterson worked with Elder Christie in our area. Nancy had to be interviewed that day so that is why Elder Peterson went there. She ended up not getting interviewed because she is shy about getting baptized alone. So they told her to pray about it. We followed that up on Sunday and she said she would like someone to be baptized with. So there is one baptismal service that the sisters have on October 1st and if not that, then she might have to wait and get baptized with Gina on the 15th of October. It is good though because now Nancy is really encouraging Gina. It is great! Anyways. Elder Cooper and I did some finding. He is really new so we got lost a few times in his area, but that is ok he hasn't even been in the Philippines for 2 weeks yet! He is really new. We found one good person in his area though who might progress :)

Last Saturday I got back to STA Monica. It rained a ton. And it rained hard. So we couldn't really work.... We got out around 3:30 to visit Nancy and Gina and neither of them were home so we went to the church because we had a coordination meeting. It went well. I was actually asked to give a lesson on a teaching skill from Preach my Gospel so the members can also know how to teach. I chose Teaching for Understanding. I gave about a 10-15 minute thing on that, then we just kind of reported our work. And that was about it! We also bought Mangoes that day with cream, graham crackers and condensed milk and I made a Mango Float. It was soooooo good. We're going to make another one later tonight.

Then on Sunday we had 2 investigators at church, Nancy and Gina! We were happy they both came! After that we worked with Mike and a few other members and visited less actives and Nancy. Gina left so we couldn't teach her but we will tomorrow on Tuesday! I actually had Elder Christie teach all the lessons that day and he did great! His Tagalog is starting to come along!

Then today we had district meeting, we went shopping, went to a "beach" that wasn't really a beach because it was quiet, not sunny and boring. Haha. It was ok though we just hung out there as a half zone. Haha. Now I am here!

So I actually do not know what I want in packages yet. I will think of something though and tell you next week! Thank you so much! And yes I have been taking pictures. I don't know if it's a lot of pictures but it's definitely some pictures. Haha. I'm going to be able to send some tonight. Oh and there's a word that I learned a few weeks ago that I can say better then some Filipinos. Haha. We were at a less actives and they were trying to make me say a word and they couldn't say it but I could. Haha. It was kinda funny. You guys try. It's Nakakapagpabagabag. But it's not said like that, It's kind of like Nakakapagpa Bagabag so its kind of like there's a space after the nakakapagpa then you have an accent sort of thing on the A after the B in bagabag. Haha. I can't explain. I'll just video my self and then send that. Haha.

Anyways I'm doing great in STA Monica, The members are great! Companionship is great! Just need more investigators haha. It's all going really great though! I love you guys sooo much and thank you so much for everything! Have a great week!


Elder Gagnon.

P.S. So honestly I didn't bring the wire for my camera so yea. I tried a few different things, using Elder Christies camera but it won't work. I am sooooo sorry. Just one more week and there will be pictures I promise!! haha! Sorry!

I love you guys!

Elder Gagnon

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We are both going to work hard and have a lot of fun!

Hey Family! It hasn't been too long since I last emailed home so I don't have a whole lot to write. We finally moved into our new apartment last Saturday so now it is just me and Elder Christie living in an apartment! It's really small but it's good enough. Our neighbor is French haha. I haven't had a chance to actually speak with him yet, but I want to. I really like our new area. It's really nice. The members are great! It's a very organized ward. We are about 30 minutes from Puerto, we're not that far. Man I really don't have a whole lot to say in this email..... We went finding last Friday and we had a dinner appointment at the church. We met President Maico there. He seems like a really nice and humble guy. He asked me to speak in sacrament last week. So I introduced myself to the ward then gave a 10 minute talk. Their speaker ended up not showing up. So yea! Haha. Oh! Last Thursday we also had a dinner appointment at the Cabaliza family. It was really fun. Brother is a really nice guy. He also knows english really well. We worked in our area a bit that day last Thursday. We worked with a branch missionary and new convert, Mike. Mike is awesome! He was baptized last June and really likes working with the missionaries. He wants to serve next year. We taught his mom, Nancy, who is the only progressing investigator we have as of now. She has a baptismal date for September
24th and her interview is going to be this Saturday. I'm excited for her, she is really nice. We just kind of reviewed everything that she had been taught and it went really well. It's a little bit hard in the area because we're not familiar with anything yet. Also we have a thing called the "area book" which is a record of the investigators and where they live and whatnot. Anyways we were looking in it and we found out that it has not been updated for a really long time. Haha...luckily the members know where some of the investigators which were taught by the sisters before us live. The members are really nice here. Our ward mission leader is super cool. He is a returned missionary who served in Davau. He was the AP in his mission. He really knows what he is doing and has all the ward missionaries really working hard. It's going to be a great area. The work is really going to pick up this week, I know it! Haha. We haven't had a whole lot of success finding so far though. We're focusing on the members a lot. It's going to be a good transfer. I'm still really excited!

Anyways unfortunately this email is probably the shortest ever. Unfortunately I did not get any pictures with Pres Bayaras, but I did get a lot with all the members. I will get to see them soon again. There is a District conference coming up soon. So I will get to see them then. My new area is not really like Roxas. There are some nicer houses here. It's just really different. I can't even explain it. It is a little less crowded, even though Roxas wasn't even that crowded. I don't really know how to explain it. I love it though! I love my whole mission! Things are going great with Elder Christie and I. We are both going to work hard and have a lot of fun! I'm excited for everything!

Well I really love you guys and sorry that this email wasn't long or that I am not even sending any pictures. I left my camera at the house...I will send some next week! Thanks so much for everything! And please tell Thiago I said "Welcome Home!" Haha.

I love you guys!

Elder Chris Gagnon

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Transferred to Santa Monica still on Palawan!

On the beach outside the underground river in Puerto Princesa

On the mountaintop in Taytay wearing another (smaller) Elders shirt and tie which he had to borrow because he didn't expect to stay overnight. It was a little small!

Jessa and Larry's Baptism

Elder Gagnon with his new companion Elder Christie

Hey Family!

I'm in Puerto right now and we just had transfer meeting! SOOOOOOOO I am staying!!!...............On Palawan..........................I did get transfered out of Roxas though. Which is really too bad. I was a little sad because I really loved the members, and everyone over there. I'm going to miss it a ton. So you're probably wondering where I got transfered. I got transfered to Santa Monica A which is near Puerto, still in Puerto zone. I'm excited to be there. I don't have to travel 2 hours to district meeting anymore:) My area is actually.....Being shotgunned.... Yes, I am shotgunning, again. Haha. The last missionaries were Sister Martinez and Sister Roque, they both transfered out. I'm in a new district. My district leader is Elder Peterson and we have a new zone leader, Elder Hyde. And now my companion! His name is Elder Christie. He is new in the mission. I am his 1st senior. So he is in his 3rd transfer. He is from Kansas!!! Which is awesome! I'm really excited to start work tomorrow in our new area! Haha. From what I hear though, they are struggling. So it will be FUN! :D. Oh and also, Elder Comish got transfered here to Palawan. He and his companion are in Taytay. There are now 4 missionaries over there in Taytay. I'm happy Elder Comish is in my Zone! I was so happy when I saw him get here and found out we were going to be in the same zone. It's going to be an amazing transfer I think!

So I guess I will write a little bit about how my week went last week! I didn't bring anything, again. Sorry!

We had a decent week, I actually worked in Taytay on Tuesday and Wednesday and went back to Roxas on Thursday. We were on exchanges. I worked with Elder Baltazar. We taught some progressing investigators, went to the jungle where one of his recent converts lives, climbed a mountain, went back to the city sort of place, then saw this one house high on this mountain so we decided to go there, so we did. We found this really nice Tatay and he fed us and is now progressing! Haha. It was really high and beautiful. I will send pictures.

So Taytay was really fun. When I got back to Roxas we taught Larry and Jessa 2ce to make sure they were ready for their baptism. It was too bad....Jessa' father actually left on Thursday to go to the dagat because he is a fisherman and he was going to be gone for a while so he couldn't go to the baptism. So Jessa asked if I could baptize her and I did. The baptism went amazing! Elder Chiong forgot to ask people to give a talk on Tuesday so we had to do it on Thursday. Luckily President Reyes and Jessa' sister, Joy, gave a talk. :). So I got to do both baptisms. I baptized Jessa first, then Larry. Larry was super happy before he got into the water. He was really excited! After that they both bore their tesitmonies which was also really great. They also bore their testimonies the next day in sacrament on fast Sunday! It was amazing to see. Larry has really come a long way. I'm really proud of him and every decision he has made.

That night I got called and was told I was being transfered. I was actually feeling really sick and was throwing up that night. Haha. It was really random. I don't know what happened. It was not good though. I wouldn't stop. It was like 5pm till 11:30. So we didn't get a whole lot of work done.

We got to visit some of the investigators last week. We visited the Honorio family. And now Michael John said he knows that the church is true. We had a very good lesson. We committed him to baptism that day. The rest of their family is also looking really good too. I'm excited for all of them. They actually texted me today saying how much they would miss me and to take care in Santa Monica.

Nay Bajos is also really doing well. She came to the baptism and watched. Also her whole family which were inactive, came to church! It was cool to see because we contacted the inactive family, found someone who wasn't a member and now everyone is going to church. It's great!

Sister Lobick is also doing great. Really wants to be baptized. We helped her clean her house last Monday which also went great! We didn't get to teach her that much last week though.

Last Monday was the best. We had one more F.H.E at Sister Lee's. We had a great time. I taught a lesson from 2 Nephi 5. Everyone had a great time. Then right before we were about to close. Sister Lee said that they would like to share a message. Which was really nice. They all were just saying how thankful they were that I was assigned in Roxas and I got to meet them and become friends. Everyone took their turn talking. I'm am going to miss them soooooo much. She was sad because I couldn't stay for her baptism.

I am going to miss Roxas soooo much. I love every single one of the members, investigators and recent converts. It was hard to leave.

So I have been here in Puerto since Tuesday and I am going to be here tonight as well. Elder Christie and I still do not have an apartment. I'm excited though. Haha. It's too bad, I didn't get to take pictures in the Roxas apartment. Haha. Sorry!

So I guess I will answer a few of your questions, I didn't write my talk that I gave last week. Elder Chiong was actually asked to speak because I found out that I had to play piano 5 minutes before sacrament. He was really nervous and I could tell that he really didn't want to so I just spoke instead. It was on obedience so it's a really easy topic. :)

The trend with missionaries is usually they stay at least 2 transfers on Palawan. That's like the minimum, unless they get really sick. I love it here but at the same time I miss the city. Haha. :D

Anyways I guess that's about it for this week! Wish me luck in my new area! I'm going to need it! I was really nervous yesterday but I prayed really hard that I would be ready to shotgun and be a senior. I felt really good about it today. Please tell Dad to get better and I am praying for him and everyone back at home. Also please tell Granny and Auntie Lynn that I said Happy birthday and I hope they had a great one! Thank you for everything guys! Thank you for your prayers and for your love! I am doing great out here and I am just loving the work! I love you guys!

Elder Chris Gagnon