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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Things are looking great in our area!

And that is us at an FHE at Sister Dimacalis' house!

Makati zone without the A.Ps or the office elders singing at the groundbreaking, From left to right, Elder Koochin, Elder Duero, Elder Victorio, Brother(part time missionary) Encarnation, Me, Elder Malit, Sister Gupta, Sister (another part time missionary) Conjelado, Sister Terano, Sister Lopez, Sister Mohrmon and Sister George

Elder Duero and I at the goundbreaking!

Hello Family!

This week was super awesome! We got a ton of work done and things are looking great in our area! :D We had almost no distractions last week so we were really able to focus on our area and on work almost the whole week! :D

Last week I got to go on splits with Elder Victorio in his area. He is actually Elder Koochins anak and he is in his third transfer. He is a good elder. I'm going to recommend him to go senior for the next transfer. Elder Koochin is probably going to leave next Wednesday because this is his 4th transfer here. So yea. We will see what happens. This transfer is going by so fast. Transfer day is already April 4th. I'm pretty sure Elder Duero and I are staying together which is good. :) Anyways, working with Elder Victorio was really good and we had a good time until I got a text from Elder Duero saying we had a surprise meeting with the stake. So I went back to my area, met Elder Duero then went to the stake center. It was just about a ground breaking for the new chapel. the zone was invited to go and we did a special number. We just sang the Spirit of God. It was good. The ground breaking was really good too. There was no rain. :)

Last week we lost one of our baptismal dates. We had Glenda who was committed to be baptized on April 21st, but she left and is now in another mission. We referred her to the Elders in that mission though. It was cool though because later that day we had a lesson with Kennedy and we extended the invitation to him to be baptized on April 21st. He accepted! He has been to church 2ce so far and is doing really great. He is really receptive and understands things very well. :) Also last week we found a tatay and his son and the came to church last week and they both really liked it. It's a bit hard though because the son only speaks Tagalog and Visaya and the tatay only speaks English and Visaya. So teaching them is like a halo of all those languages. Elder Duero only uses Visaya because that's his language and I kinda just use Tagalog when I speak to the son and Taglish when I speak to the Tatay. Haha. I'm going to start learning Visaya though so I can just use that. :) They both seem really good.

Also this week we got a referral from the A.Ps. They taught this 24 year old girl last week and gave her a baptismal date. They say she is super golden. She was actually the one who found the missionaries. But last Saturday the APs realized that she lives in our boundaries so we have to be the ones to teach her and she technically has to come to church in our ward. We're going to meet and teach her at the stake center this week with the A.Ps. It should be really good.

Also, one of the best parts of last week was Sunday. We had 6 investigators at church, which is the highest amount of investigators in who knows how long and we also had 3 people come back into activity meaning they have been to church 4 times in a row. It was very good to see. Also! The best part of church was....Zaldy (our recent convert) received the priesthood! He is now ordained to the Aaronic priesthood to the office of a Priest. Oh and also guess what? HE HAS A CALLING!!!! He was called right after to the Young Men's Presidency of the ward as the second councellor. Elder Duero and I couldn't believe it. We were super happy for Zaldy. I know he will do an amazing job in the Young Men's Presidency! :D

Well that's really about it for this week. This coming Wednesday I get to work with missionaries from the MTC. It's part of their training, so that should be fun I think. I will be working with 2 and Elder Duero will work with 2. So yea. It should be fun.

Oh yea, About my area. It's not like San Pedro, San pedro was kinda like Lasalle with like a million more people. Makati is kinda like New York City or Downtown Montreal with a lot of buildings, traffic, people, noise, big malls, McDonalds. Everything you need you can find in my area. Palawan on the other hand was like Camp Tamaracouta with a lot of people and you couldn't get anything. Haha. Yes, it is humid here. I felt that wall of humidity when I came back from Palawan.

Oh yea, and now that I am in Makati the mission office is really close. It's about a 30 minute walk from my apartment. It's right beside our stake center actually. It's out of my area though. It's in my zone though so I can go there if i need to and not have to get permission from anyone.

Also that's super kool about your new calling! Is that the investigators class? Or is that the class that Brian Carpenter used to teach? I can't remember what the names of the different classes are called, so yea. Anyways if what your talking about is the Book of Mormon, you should also use the Book Of Mormon study guide the institute uses. If you can somehow get one. I have been reading it with the Book Of Mormon for a while and it's really good. I have learned a lot. :)

Anyways good luck with all of that. Also please thank everyone that wrote me and I haven't received anything yet but yea...Thank everyone :)
I love being on a mission so much. It's the best thing in the world. I love you guys so much and hope you have a Kahangha-hangang (deep tagalog word I learned last week. Hehe.) week! Thank you!


Elder Chris Gagnon

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