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Friday, April 27, 2012


Hello family and friends! This week was really good. We had zone meeting with President Stucki yesterday so today is our Pday. :) It was really good to see the pics of you guys at Florida. I'm sure you both had a good time. Interviews went really well yesterday and so did the zone meeting. The last district meeting of every month is taught by the zone leaders, so yesterday Elder Duero and I got to teach the whole zone. This last month for the zone was great so we spoke of some of the great successes we had and all that great stuff, then we also talked about Charity and Love and the doctrine of Christ then we had a practice inviting investigators to be baptized. It was a good meeting. The interview with President also went really well. We talked about some of the things that are going well and some things that need to be improved in the Makati zone. He is really happy with the growth of the zone though. He also wanted to know what thing we are struggling with the most was, whether it be mission rules or anything. I told him my weakness right now is planning, because I'm not the best at it and I know it's something I have to work on because it's really important. There are just times where we don't plan as much as we should and times where we could plan things a little bit better and set better goals for different things and stuff. So I will be working on that a lot this transfer. :D I'm really excited! Things are going really well though, we have a few more baptismal dates for May, and Sheryl is going to be baptized this Saturday! :D Elder Duero, the APs and I are going to do a special musical number for the baptism too. We haven't decided what that will be yet though, but we will figure/plan it out. Also! This is a really kool story but a few weeks ago I spoke to someone on the street whose name is Steve Martin (hehe) and he has been searching through a lot of religions, he almost talks to everyone that's a missionary. So I gave him a pamphlet and taught about the message of the restoration. We found him at his work which is like a 1 minute walk from our apartment and he spoke to us and asked us for another pamphlet so I gave him a Book Of Mormon and introduced it to him. He had a few questions for us but told us he wanted to come to church. Last Sunday guess who came to church all dressed up and everything? Steve Martin! We were really surprised but really happy to see him. He has a lot of questions about the church and we plan to teach him at his house. It's just really hard because almost all the time, he is at work, and of course that's not the ideal situation to teach him. So we are trying to be able to teach him at home because that would be a lot better. But he said he felt the Spirit of God while he was at church especially during the investigators class (which we taught :P). But he really likes study classes like that and even asked about study classes we have in the church like seminary and institute. It will be cool to see how Steve Martin progresses. I'm really excited for him. (I CANT BELIEVE I'M TEACHING STEVE MARTIN!) I also had quite a few baptismal interviews to do last week. 3 in Manda 1B and 1 in Manda 2A. Unfortunately the one in Manda 2A will not be baptized on the day she was supposed to. She will not be ready quite yet. I was surprised too. That was the first interview I had where I did not pass someone..... Also doing really well is Kennedy, I'm pretty sure he will be baptized in May, we just need to teach him more during the week. Also April was not able to be taught last week because she is busy getting ready to actually move here to Makati. So pretty soon she will be here for good and won't be going back and forth from here to Cavite. Also Elder Duero and I have been worried because our pool of less active members to teach has been going down because a lot of them have returned to activity and we need more people to rescue. Last week we had 2 people find us who want to come back to church because they have been less active for a really long time. Also, something else really cool. We had a recent convert move from Laoag to here, whose name is Albert and he is actually the brother of someone that we had spoken to on a jeepney a while ago who said her brother just joined the church but she isn't yet a member and at that time was not able to be taught. But we are going to try this week. We actually saw the girl today and said she wanted to join her brother at church but wasn't able to make it. So a lot of good things are happening in our area. We are always finding new people to teach and the people we teach are doing pretty good. I think May will be another good month for our area. Transfer day is coming up and Elder Duero and I both think that Elder Duero will be transfered because he has been in Makati for 4 transfers now as a zone leader. I really want to stay. I love Makati. I love the city too. I also really love my mission! :D That's about it for this email. I'm sorry if it is a bit short. I got your guys' package last week. It was great to see letters from you guys and also from Justin and Danny. I just watched the video that Danny sent. I miss those two a lot and all my other friends. Please tell them I love them and also miss them very much. Also please tell Danny I haven't any of the letters he sent. :( I will be sending one soon though! :D OH YEA! Also next week is Mothers Day so what I thought we would do is just do what we did last time when I called you guys at about 8pm here on Sunday. Let me know what you guys think! I gotta go now! Thank you so much for everything! I hope you all have an amazing week! :D Love you! Elder Chris Gagnon

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