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Monday, April 16, 2012

Transfer week/Holy week/Easter week was really stressful!

Hello Family!

We had a super stressful but great week here in Makati! We got very little work done the past week, but there were some things of course which did go really well. :)

I'll start with last Tuesday, we had a district meeting, Elder Duero and I attended the Makati District meeting. It went really well. And we also said good-bye to the 2 part time missionaries. Actually Elder Koochin, got transfered to Alfonso which is Dasmarinas Stake which is where one of the part time missionaries are from so that is kool that they will still get to see each other. Unfortunatly one of them actually didn't get replaced by a new missionary. Elder Malits new companion is Elder Declaro, who is also a new district leader. Elder Declaro is Filipino, and he was actually the one who took my place in Roxas after I got transfered. Elder Koochins replacement is Elder Bueno, who was a zone leader but is now a district leader of the Mandaluyong district and we also have sister Verma from India who is in the same district as Sister Gupta so they actually knew each other before the mission. Sister Guptas new companion is fresh from the MTC so yes, she met David Archuleta! Her name is Sister Richardson, and she is from Utah. She actually also sang for the General conference and you can see her a few times. It's pretty cool. The Makati zone is really cool right now and things are going really well as always. :D

After the district meeting last Tuesday we hurried back to our area to get some work done and we were able to teach Sheryl who is still doing great. We taught about faith and it was a great lesson. Sheryl's friend in the church who was present at the last 2 lessons has really been helping out and everything has been going great with Sheryl. After that we had to run back to the mission office at 7 to pick up Elders who were going to Palawan on Wednesday. So we didn't have a whole lot of time to work in our area.... And then they slept in our house. The next day at about 3:30 I had to wake up and take the ones going to Palawan to the office and Elder Duero went later to bring the one Elder going to Coron. It was really early and I didn't get a lot of sleep. Haha. So I stayed at the mission office until the leadership meeting at 7:30. It was a good meeting and the whole mission was there. It was great to see people that I haven't seen in like a year because I was on Palawan. I also got to see Elder Glodo which was cool. He's with one of the other Canadians in our mission. After the transfer meeting we had to go to the mission home for 2:30 because we were going to work with the new missionaries for their first day. I remember my first day, I worked with Elder Curwen and Elder Polanco in the old zone leaders area in Makati zone. It was funny on the jeepnee we had to pay and one of the new missionaries could not stop laughing because he thought it was so weird haha. I got to work with Elder Woolf that day. He is from Utah and he is going to Pasay zone. Elder Duero got to work with his grandson in the mission because his trainee is training him. So that was also really cool. I can't remember where he is going though. Elder Woolf and I only got to teach once to the Morales family. Then we went to a dinner appointment and had to go because we were already late at getting them to the mission home. We got in a taxi at about 7 and got to the mission home a little bit before nine because of crazy traffic. It was unbelievable! It usually takes us 20 mins to get from our apartment to the mission home but because so many streets and stuff were closed we couldn't get there! It was crazy!!! We ended up sleeping in the mission home and it was really nice because even though I messed up because I should have left earlier, President and Sister Stucki made sure I had a good stay and everything at the mission home, they even fed us breakfast. They are really, really good people.

A few hours after we left the mission home, we had to go back and work with new elders going to Palawan. There was so much travelling it was nuts. That day, which was Thursday we got to teach Sheryl again and a new family who will come to church this coming Sunday. It was really nice. Then they both left and that was the end of working with other Elders. Needless to say, transfer week/holy week(Easter week) was really stressful. :)

General conference was awesome though! I loved Uchtdorf's talk too! I thought it was the best one of the conference. Also, we were really surprised to see April at the conference! She now has a baby! She came and she is now ready to be baptized. We are thinking that if everything goes well and if she still wants to be baptized it will probably happen with Sheryl on the 28th. We are really excited for her.

I love Makati, It was weird being in the city at first but I'm used to it now, so it's all good. Also yes, the activity was a success for the most part, we found a few potential investigators and all of our investigators actually came to the showing. It was a great event. :)

Things are going good in our area, I love being a missionary and sharing the gospel. It's such a great thing to do! I'm excited for this week because we have a lot of potential investigators to go back to. And also, there is Zone leaders conference which is this Friday the 13th. It should be another great experience. Oh, and also, Carlitos baptism is this Saturday, another reason to be really happy!

Thank you so much for all the support! I love you guys so much! Thank you for the package! I haven't gotten it yet but I think it will be here tomorrow when I go to the office. We will just see. I love you guys and hope you have an amazing week! :D

I love you all! :D

Elder Chris Gagnon

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