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Thursday, May 3, 2012

One of the most memorable experiences of my whole mission...

All the Canadian missionaries in the mission. Elder Koochin, Elder Gagnon, Elder Leavitt and Elder Orth
Shakey's pizza for Elder Gagnon's 21st Birthday with Sheryl,Joy and Elder Duero
More birthday pizza at the Nativadad's house....
...and some birthday cake!
Another night at the Nativadad's house
Hello! Had another great week! It was really good. Sheryl got baptized! Which is great! It was such an amazing baptismal service too. Attendence was ok, the APs were there and we did our special number. I played guitar and we sang "When I Am Baptized". It went pretty good even though we didn't have any practice. Sheryl's testimony was definitely the highlight of the whole service though. It was really great and one of the most memorable experiences of my whole mission. She talked about how she was converted and her whole experience. It was almost like a talk. She is really strong and I know she will be a great member of the church. :D Last Sunday I was sick. :( I didn't feel well at all, my head was aching and I had a stomach ache. I think it might have to do with the heat. It's really hot! Haha. Unfortunately we didn't teach one lesson that whole day.... Which was a first for me. I don't think there have been any days where I taught no lessons at all.... Anyways it was too bad.. Church went good though. Elder Duero and I taught (Oh I guess we did teach a lesson!) the investigator's class. We weren't really prepared because we found out we were going to be teaching 2 minutes before we taught. This is the second week in a row it's happened.... I don't mind teaching but it's a lot better when someone actually has a prepared lesson to bring to the class. Steve Martin came to church again which was good and so did Kennedy who should be getting baptized soon. We just have to hope that he doesn't have any problems with the commandments. Steve Martin by the way is too amazing! We actually haven't been able to teach him at his house yet because of his work hours. But we drop by his store every now and then to see how he is doing reading. And he is doing great. Last week we gave him a Gospel Principles book on Sunday and he finished reading it on Wednesday. Then on Thursday we gave him True to the Faith and Our Search for Happiness (we are running out of things to give him to read) and he read that by Sunday. He says he loves reading what we give him and that's all he really does when business is quiet(which is like all the time). He just has a few questions, which we want to answer but can't because he is always working and his store is outside so there's not much we can do. He's trying to take time off though or change his schedule so he can listen to us. We're hoping to have 3 baptisms in May, but I think we can get 5 right now. We're teaching 2 part members, Kennedy, and April who is still moving from Cavite. Unfortunatly we had 2 investigators who were progressing move from here to Tatay Rizal which is in another mission. So this week we're hoping to find more people to teach both among the less active and non members. We're running out of less actives to teach. We need to find more this week. Things overall though are going pretty good. For the month of April we had 5 less actives come back into activity and for the whole Makati zone we had 29 which is the highest amount ever by a long shot. Makati also had the most baptisms for the month of April out of all the city zones. We had 15 which is the highest in a long time. So things are going really good! You guys are right, I messed up, I meant to say in 2 weeks. It's coming up... I don't know how I'm going to call this time actually because we actually have reporting Sunday night which takes about 20 minutes. And we usually do ours at 8:00pm... So yea. I might actually call Monday morning here... I will do a set up call though some time during the next week to be for sure... Also, what I meant to say last week was that I haven't received any of the letters that Danny has sent yet. I'm sending him one though soon. So yea. I don't have a whole lot to write this week. I'm still feeling kinda sick so yea. I will send pictures this week though. Sorry If this email is really short. Thank you so much for everything and have a great week! :D I love you!!! Elder Chris Gagnon

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