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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Super hard, tiring week!

Finally, a picture of the Christmas tree we sent him with messages from family and friends!

Elder Villa and Elder Gagnon on Tatay Carleto's mountain

Elder Gagnon on Tatay Carleto's mountain going to help harvest Mani

Tatay Carleto getting a Buko out of a tree

Drinking the Buko from out of that tree! YUM!

Hey Guys!
Last week was a super hard, tiring week. I don't think I have ever worked this hard on my mission and things just dont seem to be working out haha. It was a really great week though.

One of the highlights was definitely the interviews with President Stucki. Everything went very well. I got to share my goals with him and we just had a really good and uplifting talk. Then we had Carleto's interview. He came to the church a little bit early so he had to wait, but he came in and I got to translate for them both. It was weird. I'm not going to go into details or anything. But it was really good. It went very well.

Last Thursday I got to go on exchanges with Elder Munk in my area while he interviewed Pass and Cheryl. Cheryl is super awesome! She is reading the Book Of Mormon everyday, and even came out with us to one appointment in Irawan, where she bore testimony of what we taught. It was super amazing, she even wants to serve a mission! So Elder Munk interviewed them both last Thursday and said they were both ready, but he had to ask President Stucki if Cheryl could get baptized because she is only 15 and her parents aren't members or going to church. Everything was great for Pass though.

On Saturday we found out what President Stucki said about Cheryl and he said that.......She could not get baptized until Carleto was ready for baptism. So I was a little disappointed because it meant that I probably won't be here for both of their baptisms. But it's all good. I know both of their testimonies are really strong. While teaching Cheryl one time last week, one of her friends and her younger sister who is 13 were present and Cheryl brought both of them to church! Haha.

We also taught a ton of less actives and a few new investigators. We started teaching Karen again. She is doing alright. She really, really wants to get baptized and everything is going well with her husband now and they both want to get married. She asked us if she could get baptized and we gave her a date in March, but for some reason, she did not come to church....

We have quite a few baptismal dates now, were at 7, but only 4 came to church and only one is getting baptized soon. Haha! Our goal this week is to have all of our baptismal dates come to church. We also had a lot of the less actives we visited come back last week. We were really excited about that. We had 9 less actives and 7 investigators there last week. So we were pretty busy at church. Haha.

Also I sent pictures last week, I don't know why you wouldn't have gotten them, because it says that I sent them, I will try re-sending it though. That's about all for this week. I don't feel like I wrote a lot. It's probably because I'm so tired. Haha. I Love my mission so much. I have felt more worn out than I ever have in my life and I couldn't be more happy. I know this work is true and I'm so proud of everyone back at home, Justin, Derek, Andrew Shurman, Nathanial, and Cody for preparing to serve, I promise each and every single one of them that it will be the best, most enriching experience ever!

I love you guys so much. Thank you so much for writing me every week and for you prayers, support and Love. I hope you all have an amazing week!

Halam tika!

Elder Chris Gagnon

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