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Friday, February 17, 2012

So proud of Derek and thank the Kaufmans!

Service day at the coconut farmer's coop in Puerto Princesa

Hello Family!

We had a good week in STA Monica! I don't have a
whole lot of time to write this week. It's been
getting hard because leaders now have to fill out
companionship exchange forms every week and that
takes a bit of our time on the computer. So I don't
have a whole lot of time to write!

I hope everyone is doing well at home. I got an email
from Derek about him sending out his papers. Please
tell him I am so proud of him going out! Please tell
him to keep me updated and to email me when he gets
his call to serve! Also, please thank the Kaufmans for
emailing me and telling me how everything is back at
home and congratulate Rebecca on her baby, Sadie!
I'm very happy for all of them!

Well last week was pretty busy, we found a few less
active families that we taught, one of them was really
offended by a member, they are the Hitosis family.
We shared a lesson about scripture study and why
it's so important. It was a really good lesson.
They even said that it was a really good lesson.
I didn't want to share about the sabbath day
and why it's so important because they know why it is.
I think if they can just build their faith by reading
and prayer then they will actually have a desire to go
to church, and right now, they don't have that
desire yet. They're a pretty tough family...But I know
that as they do things that our heavenly father expects
of them, they will regain that desire to go to church! :D

For the first time since we met him, I didn't have an
opportunity to teach Carlito for all of last week. I only
saw him once at a going away party for the branch president's
daughter, who is moving to Utah! She is getting married over
there in Salt Lake. I'm excited for her.
But yea. Carlito wasn't able to come to church last week.
He had something he had to do for the community he lives in.
Sister Paz came though and so did Cheryl and her sister, Caren!
Church was awesome yesterday! We had so many inactive members
come back into activity. Last week we just officially had the
Cullamar kids come back into activity. Which was awesome to see!

We are also teaching a new guy name Lowell Gabuat, his
father has been inactive for a while and Lowell really
wants to come to church and apparently he came but there
was no one at the door so I think he might have left.
He is also doing great though. We plan to give him a
baptismal date this week. We also have a plan to give
out a few more so if everything goes perfect, we will
have 12 baptismal dates and all of them will come to church! :D

Last Friday we had zone conference, the day before I
went on exchanges with Elder Munk and that went really well.
We teach really well together. Then zone conference was great!
We got to practice and learn about teaching skills. In one of
the practices it was me and Elder Villa teaching my last 2
district leaders, who are now the zone leaders in the Narra
zone, Elder Chiong and Elder Peterson and Sister
Stucki were watching. Haha. It's kinda nerve-racking having
all these leaders watch you teach. We did alright though.
I learned quite a bit from the zone conference. Oh yea,
and I don't know if I told you guys, but Elder Baltazar is
now one of the Assistants to President. It's him
and Elder Hernando who was here when I first got to Palawan.
They both thought it was funny that I am still here on Palawan.
Haha. Anyways it was nice to see Baltazar again. I miss being
in the same zone as that Elder.

Anyways. It was a good week! I love you guys so much! I hope
you guys are doing great at home. I didn't receive your email
so I don't know. But I hope all is well and have an amazing week!

Love you!

Elder Chris Gagnon

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