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Friday, January 27, 2012

Training is so much fun!

Hey Guys!

Last week was amazing! We are having so much great success
in our area now it's crazy! It looks like we are going to have 3
baptisms that are for sure, which is great! Training is so much fun!
Elder Villa is such an awesome companion and we are getting things

Last week we taught Carleto, his interview with President Stucki is
this Friday so we are going to see how things go with that. I might
have to translate because Carleto doesn't know a whole lot of English.
In other news though, we thought that we should invite Sister Pass to
be baptized on February 4th because it could be a really long wait if
Carleto gets passed to be baptized. So we invited her and she said
yes, and their apo, Cheryl who has been coming to church with them
for a while now, who we havent taught a whole lot said that she also
wanted to be baptized! So we are going to have 2 on February 4th! I'm
really excited for both of them. Cheryl is super awesome! She is 15
and we were teaching about the Word of wisdom to her and Carleto and
Pass and Carleto had another question about why in the Book of Mormon
and Bible they could drink wine and to our surprise Cheryl answered!
It was super cool! It was a perfect answer too. Haha. We also helped
Carleto last week at work and harvested Mani! Which was tiring but
really fun! We also ate a bit at his mountain. I will send some pics!

We also have an inactive family who we are working with who have been
to church 2ce now and their daughter who we are teaching with them
should be baptized on Feb.11th. She is only 9. We are also trying to
work with the father of the family but he just won't listen to us.

We also have been working with the Magalianis family. They are really
kool but really new. We will see how things go with them.

Then we have Nonoy. This guy has been at Carleto's house a few times.
He is fluent in english so when we speak to each other it's in taglish.
He has always been loud and always joking though, and we have tried to
share with him a few times, but Pass' birthday was last week and he
was there and we got into a doctrinal conversation and he said that he
wanted to be taught and he wanted to read a Book of Mormon. So we were
going to give him one, but he said he wanted it in english, so we came
by the next day and gave him an English copy of the Book Of Mormon,
shared a little bit about it, then scheduled a return appointment on
Tuesday. I'm excited to see how it will go...

Everything is going awesome here! This transfer is awesome! haha. Tell
Justin I am so proud of him for making the decision to serve. It's the
greatest thing in the world! I can't even use words to describe it. You
can use some of my savings if it will make things go faster. I can
work too when I get home. :) I hit my year my last Thursday which is
weird. It's going by so fast and it's scary, everyone who is an RM here
says the last year is the fastest, so I'm really worried and not looking
forward to that at all. I love it so much out here on the mission. I
know this work is true and I am so grateful everyday to be a part of

Please thank the Glowas for their Package, I'm wearing the tie they
sent me right now! Tell them I love them so much and really appreciate

Thank you so much for your guys' support I love you so much and pray
for you all everyday! Have a great week!

Love you!

Elder Chris Gagnon

Oh yea! Please wish Kameron a Happy Birthday! I think it was January
12th.... Thanks guys! Love you!

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