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Monday, February 20, 2012

Going back to the mainland....new zone leader in Makati!

At Nanay Montilla's house

Puerto district at the crocodile farm

Elder Gagnon and Elder Villa in Irawan

On a carabao clearing land on Tatay Carleto's mountain

Hey Guys!

Last week was a pretty good week. I don't have a lot of time to email today though because we both need to use the same computer today. Anyways...Last week was really good. We have been working with someone who has been inactive for almost 10 years. Last week, we had a lesson about the baptismal covenant and we committed him to go to church, but something that I have been doing for a while and it has really been working is having the person we're teaching write down their committment. So I have a little book of sticky notes and stuff and I had him write it and he came. It's worked for a few other people too with other committments. Anyways it was great to see him at church because last Saturday I found out I would be leaving the island. So I'm going back to the Mainland!

So you're probably wondering where? So I have a story first. We were taking a multicab to the crocodile farm and I was hanging on the back with Elder Villa. When we got to the crocodile farm, I looked at the phone and saw a missed call from......President Stucki. A few seconds later Elder Berse got a call telling him that he would be the new district leader here in Puerto. Then I get a text from President saying Elder Gagnon, when you have the time please text me when I can call you. So I texted him right away and he called. Then he told me that I was going to be...... A zone leader in Makati stake and my companion would be Elder Duerro. I'm super excited! I didn't think I was going to be a Zone leader this transfer... I'm pretty excited! I leave Palawan on Wednesday morning. Elder Halterman, who is Elder Munks Anak is going to be following up my Anak in Santa Monica. It's pretty exciting! I'm going from a really province area to a really city area. Also, Elder Comish also got a call from President saying that he will be becoming a zone leader in Cavite.
I'm pretty excited and nervous. I think it will be a ton of fun though!
Anyways....I really love Sta Monica. And I'm really grateful I got to serve there. The people are so nice and I love them so much. I'm also really going to miss Puerto district. We had a pretty good transfer as a district. I'm really sad I won't get to see Carlito get baptized though. I'm still excited for him though. He is really strong and won't stop coming to church. We got to do service for him last week and we plowed the ground at his mountain. It was fun. I got to ride a carabao! haha I will send pics!

Anyways I'm sorry about the job mom, but everything will be ok. I know that for a fact. That's good about the weather though. :D I'm sorry this email is really short! I love everyone so much at home! Tell Stephen that I miss him and love his face.

Also thank you so much for everything! I love you guys so much and pray for all of you every day.

Mahal ko kayo!

Elder Chris Gagnon

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