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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Went to church with President Monson's daughter!

Hey guys!

What a week it has been! I'm sorry to hear that your all sick! I have some news! Things changed a bit.....I'm still a zone leader in Makati but the day before transfer day, President Stucki changed the zone leaders area in Makati to an area where there were sisters. Their work was pretty low so they put Elder Duero and I in there. Soooooo......I'm shotgunning again! Haha. This is the 3rd time. And this time it's weird because as zone leaders we are supposed to be the leading area in the zone but it's almost impossible because we're both new to the area. haha.... Being a zone leader is fun though, we get texts non stop from everyone in the zone asking about stuff. Haha. It's like being a normal missionary, just with lots of texts from people in your zone asking questions. Sister Gupta, who was in Puerto district also got transferred to Makati zone and she is shotgunning and training a new missionary. It's super fun being in the city. It was a bit weird at first because people are so different but it's interesting. I actually had a hard time teaching my first day here. Everything is good now though.

Our area is really kool. It's way different. There's no trees, but a ton of buildings. It's like downtown Montreal so it's pretty cool. The work is doing really good. Elder Duero and I teach super good together. When we got here we only had 2 people with baptismal dates and they weren't even sure according to the area book. Now as of yesterday we have 7 and plan to give out at least 2 more this week. 3 of those are actually going to be on March 10th, so we're really excited for that because this place hasn't had a baptism since November. I'm pretty excited. Right now were teaching Rose-Mare a housemaid of a member, so she is going to be baptized on the 10th. Then we are teaching Zaldy Lazaro, a Tatay whose children are members and are active. He will also be getting baptized on the 10th. He is really cool. Then we are teaching the stake president's daughter in law, April, who will also be getting baptized on the 10th. The Stake president is really cool. We went to go visit April one time and she wasn't there but he was and we had a really good talk about the goals for the stake, we set a day for stake coordination where the bishoprics, Auxiliary leaders, and the zone leaders attend. The stake president is great though, he lives in our area and he has a few great ideas for missionary work. He actually helped us set up an appointment where we are going to teach a high school the word of wisdom. So that should be interesting! After talking for a long time about a bunch of stuff he asked if we had eaten supper and we told him no and he took us to Macdo and fed us there. It was random but cool.

We spent a lot of our time last week meeting different members. They seem really awesome. I like them a lot. Last Sunday we went to church, and guess who was there? Thomas S. Monson's Daughter! Haha and so was Elder Augustin of the 70. It was kind of weird going to church with them. Sister Monson also gave a fireside that night for our stake and that was really cool. She is actually the 2nd councillor in the general YM's presidency. She spoke a lot about her father and prophets and just some things that we didn't know about President Monson. Did you know his favorite hymn is Have I done any good in the world today and There is a green hill far away? Also his fav color is yellow!

Also during church I had the pleasure of teaching the investigator's class because no one prepared a lesson.... so I taught. Haha.

Well I don't have a whole lot of time here. Things are going great here I love the area, my companion, everything. I have no complaints what so ever. :D

Oh, also, my nephew in the mission is following up my anak, Elder Halterman, who is Elder Munk's (who is my brother) anak, is follow up training Elder Villa. So that's pretty cool he's really cool and tall! :D

Thank you so much for all the updates at home, Lei did text last week. I'm so happy for Derek! He's gonna be an amazing missionary! I got a letter last week from Ben, so if you could email him just saying I love him and I also wrote him a letter that would be great! Well thank you so much for everything I'm going to send some pics hopefully. I love you all so much and I hope you have an amazing week!

Gihigugma ko Kamo!

Elder Chris Gagnon :D

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