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Monday, April 25, 2011

Every morning a rooster yells at 5:00 a.m.!

Hey guys!

Whats up! So I'm going to dive into this week right away since it's so short!

So last Thursday was our investigator Sister Paranadas baptismal interview, so I went to Muntinlupa and worked with Elder Samson again while Elder Guarino and Elder Lanticese(D.L) went to teach and interview her for baptism. Working in Muntinlupa was great! We went to this dangerous area and tracted there, contacted 2 less actives, we had to be out of there by six because it gets dangerous at night. After that we went to an investigators who was sick, so me and Elder Samson taught her about priesthood blessings and then gave her a blessing. Then we taught a small lesson to her about the tree of life in Nephi chapter 8. This woman has been taught everything and knows the church is true but cannot make it to church because she doesn't have the money to get there. Also during that day we went to this very awesome place with a very thin bridge, with almost no rails, that we had to cross to get to this place. I'll admit I was really nervous about falling.....We taught an investigator who just started learning about the church about the plan of salvation! It was a great day. Elder Samson is a great teacher I learn a lot working with him.

Friday I went back to our house. We got a text once we got there saying that the other four elders went to go help a member move. So Elder Samson and I just did personal and companionship study for a while, then went out finding in my area. We taught one of our investigators who we haven't seen in a while because they are always out. One actually used to be a member and served his mission in Bacolad he works Sundays though, we teach both him and his wife, his wife is new to the gospel and seems pretty interested. They are both very nice. We invited them to church, they said they would come, they didn't though..... Anyways so we went back to my house at around 4 and found out that Sister Paranada (Sister Cell) was actually being baptized in one hour! So we took a breath, then left to go to her baptism. The zone leaders and the sister missionaries also had baptisms so there were 4 baptisms that took place that day. It was great! Sister Cell was baptized by a ward missionary, Algie, who is leaving May 28th for his mission in the Philippines. He comes out with us every so often. He is really awesome. Sister Cell bore her testimony after. She seemed so happy! I loved it a lot. Not much happened after that. It ended at about 7:30, so we went out got food and went back home and ate.

Saturday we went finding, we had appointments but none of them went through. We visited 2 less actives who came to church the next day which was great! One of them also gave us a fan, because ours broke. It was great!

Sunday we went to church and got 2 DAs this week. We had one that night at the Canadas, we had chicken adobo, and rice...it was great. Before we went there we went finding and dropped by another less actives family.

Then there's today! We went to district meeting, then ate lunch at McDo, went back to our house and did laundry! Now I'm here....ha!

This week is Elder Guarino's last week, I'm gonna miss him. He taught me a lot. I liked working with him a lot. Great guy talaga.

So yea we didn't do anything really special for Easter....just had a normal DA. I know Easter is really big here. A lot of stores were closed on Friday, and the whole week is called "holy week." It's awesome that Bill Kaufman wrote a song for me... I'm actually coming home in 21 months though. Last week has been three months since I have been on my whole mission. These past 6 weeks went by crazy fast. That's really awesome about April! Tell her I said congrats on her baptism!

Thats sooooooo awesome that you saw Elder Bell. He really is nice. Really great guy! That's sooooo kool that you saw him. When you see him tell him I said "Bonjour"! I miss the MTC. Speaking of which I looked for the MTC video that you were talking about and I found it. You can actually see me for a small second when they're talking about the gym. I'm playing 4 square. I'm in a black shirt. You can see my back in it for a very small time. You can also see Elder Comish in the background in a sweater. So Yea!

Sorry, I thought I explained what a shotgun area was. It's when 2 missionaries both get transfered and then 2 "new to the area" missionaries come in and take both their places. It is hard because you both have to get to know all the members, and their names, and all the investigators. When we got here there were no investigators so we had to find a lot for the first week. We still do a lot of finding. I find out who my new comp is on Saturday. I'm looking forward to it I guess. This will be my 5th comp!

Haha....Elder Dela cruz is awesome! I don't know how he did it (gained weight), he said eat a lot of pork and ginger...and snacked all the time, which I do. There's a lot of small ??? I don't even know the english word.....In tagalog it's tindihan... It's like a small little sort of store with water, rice and stuff. Mga Tindihan (stores) are everywhere.

Oh ya..... I guess I'll explain this.....So most (if not all) bathrooms in the Philippines don't have a flusher (our house does) or toilet paper. I use my left hand. That's all I have. Wipe with your left, shake with your right was Brother Molinas motto! haha! Anyways I won't go too much into that.....I will put the pics on a CD next week. I promise!! You will be able to see our whole apartment. Oh and our shower is just a bucket with a ladle! Our bathroom is a bucket, a toilet and a small faucet to fill the bucket. It's small.
I will find out about the Mother's day phone home next week! I believe it's 30-45 minutes, I will check when I drop Elder Guarino off at the mission home! I gotta go now. Supper time! Bye guys! Have a good week!

Mahal kita!

Elder Chris Gagnon

P.S. Oh yea and no I did not see monkeys yet. There aren't any in my area. A lot of dogs, cats, and chickens. That's about it. Every morning a rooster yells at like 5 o'clock! It wakes me up sometimes.....

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