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Monday, April 4, 2011

30 investigators being taught the gospel!

Hey Mom,

Sorry if this letter is short I will write more next week, I promise! Again i don't have my camera on me. We're not allowed to take it with us when we go tracting. We're only supposed to use it on Mondays, and I don't have it on me now. Sorry!

Also, more bad news, I don't have my journal with me.... so I can't write down what I did day by day! Really sorry! Next weeks email will be huge! Anyways, we're about to go out and work and we have a DA at the Yangs. Brother Yang is the 1st councillor in the bishopric in the San Pedro 2nd ward. He and his family cooked for us last week. We had fish and rice and some meat....I can't remember...lol!

So this week went by fast! I have a hard time remembering everything I actually did.

Last Tuesday we went out finding people to teach. We have about 30 investigators (people who are being taught the gospel) who have accepted a return and about 9 who are progressing. Our days are usually filled teaching people who have already accepted us into their home once. We usually go back either the next day or 2 days from then. So Tuesday we had about 55-60 OYM's (open your mouth) so we spoke to that many people and quite a few let us in, and we have been teaching them and it's been going really well. Everyone is really nice! The members are cool. We usually have 2 members of the Elders Quorum come out with us, one just got his mission call, he's going to somewhere in the Philippines, speaking Tagalog which is awesome. He leaves in May.

Anyways the people in the ward are really kool. There's not a whole lot to say about them yet really. So throughout the week we had a few DAs. We had one day with a lunch appointment at an investigators, then dinner that night at a members. There's a family, the Canada family, and she feeds us quite a bit. The father is away now. They have been members for 6 months now. They're a great family! Our investigators are really kool too. They usually give us snacks, so we're eating throughout the whole day. Everyone is poor too by the way. It's really insane here. One of our families, the sisters name is Fente, we taught at her house, and there were 16 kids there, 8 were hers and 2 were her friends, and the other 6 were just random kids. Haha! It was huuuuuuge! The room we taught her in was about the size of our kitchen, only square. Then there was one other room where everyone sleeps covered by a sheet. Then there's Jomar and his wife who are both awesome, but are never both there when we go to their house......it's either one or the other. His wife was there when we taught Fente. 2 of our investigators came to church yesterday. One we had started teaching on Wednesday, and the other was being taught before I got there. She was the only investigator we didn't find ourselves. She wants to be baptized too, which is great! Her name is Abigail.

Anyways I'll start answering your questions now. I do my own laundry by hand....it takes forever, lol. Also, I'm glad you got my box! That's great! I hope you save that tape! I want to hear it when I get back. We don't even sing in Tagalog here. It's all English. That's another thing, no one speaks English really. But almost everything is in English. On the Tagalog ATM, the language options are English and Taglish. Anyways I'm pretty disappointed all the hyms are in English cuz I like them better in Tagalog actually :P

About Jason! Tell him he's awesome and I love him and that last week an Elder I knew from the MTC went to his area, Spanish speaking, his name is Elder Holt. He played 4 square, which I miss a lot. lol.

Also about sending letters, please send all letters to the mission office. I haven't gotten anything yet. It takes a while, the Zone leaders actually go there once a week or once every 2 weeks to get letters, then they give them to us on our P-day. So yea! All letters are sent to the office in Makati! Thanks!

There's no jeep that goes to our area, but sometimes when we finish our day at Sister Canada's she give us a ride home because she has a trike with her license! There's no jeep or anything that goes to our area though because it's literally a dirt road with houses around it, there's no cars or anything that go there really.

That's too bad no one is really playing music at our house anymore. I miss it a lot. Music here is funny, there's karaoke like everywhere! It's funny.

That's also too bad about the Habs. They will still make the playoffs though. :) It's the top 8 teams that make it. Here, basketball is really popular....

Anyways we gotta go now! I'll write more detailed next week and send pictures too! Things with me and my companion Elder Guarino are going well! We're working hard and everything's been going great! Oh except I ate Mcdonalds today and got sick. And yesterday when we broke our fast I felt sick. I drank water too fast...... and yea, felt terrible. Anyways, I gotta go! Take care guys! Say hi to Danny, Justin.L, Theresa, Justin and Andrew for me and tell them I love them! Also say hi to the ward for me! Thanks!

Mahal kita!

Elder Chris Gagnon

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