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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Baptism this Saturday!

Hey guys!

Had an alright week last week. I was sick the whole time so work has been a lot harder. I had a bad cough and a stuffy nose. After pizza on my birthday I felt terrible, oh and we ordered. It's 2 for one because I got this card that works for a year. It's a buy one get one free...its great! Oh also the reason I'm only emailing on Wednesday is because we had the temple trip today, so we have that and our p-day today. The temple was awesome!!! I loved it, I saw Elder Morris there for a bit. He doesn't seem too happy..... I don't know why, I didn't get to talk to him too long. He is also in a shotgun area and said he's finding it hard.... Poor guy... Anyways this is how my week went last week!

Last Tuesday we woke up got ready and stuff, I drank my water bottle (2 liters) and went to fill it up and there was no water.....Like nothing was coming out of the filter.....so yea, it wasn't a good thing for sure. We went out to go and teach Peter and Pili and they said no because they were sleeping, so we went finding. Then we went to see how Sister Abigail (member) was doing. She and her family are doing good. We're teaching a friend of hers named Behbe (not sure if that's the right spelling). We went finding after that, visited a guy who we gave a pamphlet to, and he read the whole thing and wanted to know more, but had to go to work at that time....It's great that he read all of it, but when we keep trying to visit him he always just has to go to work..... So yea.....

Wednesday was awesome, we went on splits. I was with Elder Samson who has been out six months. I went to his area, and the district leader, Elder Lanticese came to our area. We had a good day. Went to Chow king for lunch, had a halo halo, then went to the tracting area. We taught like 7 lessons, which is good when finding and taught one lady who wants to be baptized but can't make it to church because she doesn't have money to get there...which is sad. I slept there that night and left the next morning. I was happy to work with Elder Samson. He's awesome.

Thursday was alright, there's one family that hasn't been to church for 4 weeks now and we're trying to get them to come back, we visited them and I shared a spiritual message about obedience. They fed us after too, just a snack though. Then we went finding....found no one...:( I found out this week that our area is really tough, which is too bad. It's alright though.

Friday was the best day for sure! We taught a referral from the bishop and she is getting baptized this week on Saturday. She's been to church 3 times and she wants to get baptized, so we have been teaching her. The reason she is getting baptized this week is because next week is the Jubilee, and the bishop said it would be better if she could get baptized this week. She seems ready, she knows everything....That night we had eaten at this member's house who lives about 40 mins away from our bahay. They fed the whole Las Pinas zone missionaries, which is like about 16 of us. We had chicken, fish, rice, amazing mangoes, pork, pizza (they had a pizza restaurant style oven) and ice cream (they had a machine for ice cream). Their house was huge! Biggest I have seen in the Philippines by far (it even had a bathroom with toilet paper!).

Saturday we had Elder Dela Cruz with us, and Elder Cahilig (missionaries in our zone) with the zone leaders. We taught a new investigator who said she would come to church but didn't....And we visited a few recent converts. Elder Dela Cruz weighed 110 before his mission and now he's 150. And at one point on his mission he was 165lbs. He's an inspiration to me! Haha! I don't know if I have gained or lost anything yet... I'm going to check when I go to the mission home in 10 days for transfers. I can't believe I'm almost done my first transfer and am going to have a new comp soon!

Sunday we went to church, went finding the rest of the day, ate at Sister Canadas house. It was alright. Actually I ate something like a fish and almost threw up right there, I tried not to show it though. haha. Thats about it for Sunday though.

Monday I went on splits with Elder Gamolo(Z.L) to his area. It was great we taught like a ton of lessons and had a ton of oyms. This is his last transfer. He taught me quite a bit that day about Tagalog. Even though he doesn't really speak English we got a lot of work done that day. It was a good day for sure.

Tuesday we had Zone conference. So yea, went there, role played how to resolve investigators concerns, like going to church. It was alright. Then we went to Shakeys (Pizza) for lunch, I had my card so we got 4 family size pizzas for the price of 2. Then we went back to our bahay, then went out and taught new people, oym'd and yea!

Then today was the temple/P-day, and now we're about to go out to get groceries, then call it a day from there!

I'm excited for our baptism this Saturday for sure. She's soooo excited to! She's having the interview tomorrow, so E.Guarino is going to be with Elder LAnticese(D.L) and I will go to Elder Samsons area again. It will be great!

Anyways to answer some of your questions, We missed the G.C last week because of the service project. It ended around 4:00. Sister Canada (pronounced Sister Canyada by the way) has 4 kids, 2 boys, 2 girls, she was baptized last November. She is married but her husband has been away for work for a while now. According to her investigator profile she was golden, they gave her a Book of Mormon right away and she read up to second Nephi 15. WOW! She knows a lot about the gospel, she's smart. We actually stopped seeing Jomar now because he doesn't really listen anymore. So we haven't visited him for a week now......He's also never there, always at work... And it was a church organization we did the service project with. It was with one of the branches in our zone. It was kool for sure!

That's awesome about all the switch up at the ward! I'm going to write to them soon. Tell them all I said Kumusta! haha! Also tell Justin the game he is thinking of is Bomberman 64. Thanks for everything guys! I know I said I would send pics and haven't yet and I'm sorry. They won't save on the Internet Cafe, so we're trying to find one that will send pics! I gotta go now guys! Love you!

Elder Chris Gagnon!

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