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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Transfers, a new companion and Jubilee week....

Hey Guys!

Last Week was great! Elder Guarino was going home so we had a few DAs. Haha. Transfer day was today by the way, and so is our P-day. I worked on Monday. Last week was also the Jubilee, which we got tickets for, but ended up not being allowed to go because the assistants said no. It was at a colliseum in Quezon city and they didn't want missionaries going there. It would have been cool to be there though. The acts that performed were really kool. We got to watch it on a video screen at the stake center in Las Pinas. Anyways I'll describe my week now!

So Monday night last week was horrible. It was about 12 at night and like 7 dogs a cat and a chicken were all yelling at each other. It was the worst thing in the world. I got like no sleep that night. Dad would have went crazy! Anyways I think I wrote about that Monday last week, so I just thought that I should share that. Animals here are crazy. Dogs are also really gross...haha

Tuesday we taught Sister Magarso, whose boyfriend served a mission in '91. They are living together. We only taught her that day about the law of chastity and how her and brother need to be married....Brother already knows this. Sister Magarso really wants to come to church but Brother works on Sundays though. He really wants to repent though. We dropped by Jomars house again. He wasn't home but Sister Jenny was. We taught her the introduction page about the Book of Mormon, I gave the lesson, which was hard. I emphasized that it's important to read and to pray to know that it is true. I'm getting better at teaching. People are starting to say I'm fluent and stuff. It's not true though. Haha. After Jenny we dropped by her neighbors house, Sister Reo. We taught her about obedience from 1 Nephi 3:7. Elder Guarino taught. Then dropped by 2 recent converts houses. Then we went finding, then Elder Guarino and I both felt sick..... So we called it a day at about 7. It was soooooo hot that day I think we both got dehydrated.... We got bananas and made banana shakes. It tasted great!

Wednesday was mostly finding. We dropped by Sister Daisy's (one of our investigators) house and her husband who was never there, was there! This family has 6 kids. They're awesome! Anyways we taught Tatay about God, His plan for families and prophets, which is what we usually teach the first time we meet someone. He seemed sooooo interested. We're going to visit him tomorrow, and I'm pretty excited for that! Later on, we went to brother and sister Fabia (recent converts) and her sister was there, so we taught the whole family about family prayer. I shared with them about the time at young men's camp when it was raining hard, then Justin prayed for the rain to stop and it did instantly! This went really well.....I never shared that experience with anyone, either in Tagalog or English. Sister Fabia's sister seemed interested. We're trying to get her to come to church now. They are a great family and they teach me a lot about the language. Last week they said a word that I had no idea what it meant. Sister said "Nangangalay" so I asked what that was. No one could explain it to me in english so they did in tagalog. "Nangangalay" means numb... Haha. After that we went to Shakeys and had pizza. Then bought mangoes and went home and made shakes. The Mangoes (and all other fruits) here are amazing!!! I love them!

Thursday we had a DA at the Yangs. Brother Yang is awesome. I love him. Elder Guarino shared about obedience and Brother Yang shared about his mission and his life after the mission. It was kool. He said to not worry about everything because the Lord will provide. When he got back from his mission he had nothing. Then he got a job at a new bank that opened in Manila over a bunch of people who were more qualified. The reason he got the job was because the test asked the people to write a story in english without using I or me. So he wrote the Joseph Smith story in English, which he learned while he was on his mission! I learned a lot from Brother Yang. He's sooooo enthusiastic about everything, especially the gospel. Which is how everyone should be talaga!

Friday I worked with Elder Jimenez(ZL, Filipino) in his area, we went finding there. Taught a few lessons. His area is also pretty far. While we were finding it rained for like 3 minutes, which was kool. It doesn't get dark when it rains. It's like really sunny and stuff, so yea! It's really nice when it rains. After all that we dropped by Brother Boyd, who is a recent convert who is gay. Crazy nice though. Fed us a ton of food. Hamburgers, chocolate, drinks. Crazy nice guy. Funny too..... We went to shopwise because we needed food, for the next few days. Getting there was nuts because it was palengke(market) day, so there was a ton of people in the streets. So crowded. It's market day every Friday. There's a lot of stuff, just everywhere. Anyways we looked at a few things and Elder Jimenez and I were talking to this guy about what we do as missionaries, the guy was working, but wanted to know more. Somewhere in the conversation we mentioned the Book of Mormon and the guy was interested so we gave him one. He lives in Elder Jimenez's area though so I won't see him. BUT! There was an older man listening to our conversation and said that I was really good in tagalog, the weird thing was he said that in english.... He is fluent in both english and tagalog and was wondering if we could give him an english Book of Mormon. I took down his name and address and we're going to stop by there tomorrow! He also wants to be taught in English, so it will be great! haha!

Saturday, I'll just skip to the Jubilee. It was a celebration of 50 years of missionary work in the Philippines. Super kool. We saw people from our ward in it. It was a bunch of singing and dancing acts. Really kool. The primary children of the Philippines sang too. It's funny because for Filipinos there is no V or F, so instead of V they say it like B and F they say it like P. So instead of follow it is "pollow" or love is "lobe". Kids make that mistake the most when singing....

Anyways this email was waaaay long. And I'm over time so I gotta go. I'll finish what I did this week next week! My comps new name is Elder Nye. He is suuuuuuper mabait, which means nice. He is from Utah and is fluent, he has been out a long time. I'll talk more about him on the phone call this week.

So about the call! I'm going to call home Saturday morning here, so make sure someone is home Friday night to set up the call for Sunday.

Anyways Love you guys! Bye!

Elder Chris Gagnon

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