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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sick this week...

Hey Guys!

Hows it going! We're about to go out to get pizza for my birthday! Our p-day ends at 9:00 p.m. tonight because we had district meeting this morning. So yea! I have my journal and stuff! Thanks for the birthday gift! Things over here are going really good. Last week we did quite a bit of finding because a lot of our investigators bailed on us. Like half were either not there or sleeping, and we're not allowed waking them up. Peter was there once though (we found him almost 2 weeks ago). He committed to being baptized with his wife on May 14th, which is awesome! We still have quite a bit to teach him though. He's cool though. We finally taught Jomar last night with his wife, they were both there. Together. Which was awesome! They said they would read and pray as a family. They're a great family!

So last Monday our DA went well. The Zone leaders and us went to the Yangs house. We had fried pork, and Pork adobo. I tried both and they were both awesome. They tasted great, I loved it! Then they played scrabble which was fun. Elder Jimenez (zone leader) won. It was in english too and he was really good.

Then Tuesday we went out and taught, no one was there so we went finding but we didn't really have that much luck that day. I also started to get sick with a cold. That night we had a DA at sister Canada's house. She fed us fish, and more fish. We had this weird dry fish that was.... well....dry, and like suuuuuuper salty, it was alright. Haha.

Then Wednesday we had a zone meeting at the president's house. It was kool. It was about how well the mission was doing and we had a few activities and such, and of course food. There were 3 zones there, so I saw Elder Comish from the MTC. He is doing great. He got sick, and his shoes got stolen... But he really does seem to be doing good. He's in the Manila city so it's dirty and really crowded.

Thursday I was still sick. We did a lot of walking, again almost our investigators bailed. We visited a few recent converts though, just to see how they're doing. Not much else to say about that day. Sorry!

Friday, still sick. We visited a recent convert who lived in a secluded area, it took a while to get to where she lives. She seems to be doing great, her son wouldn't pay attention though.. She gave us a snack, and we shared a message with her and then she gave us a referral, who we contacted and taught later that day.

Saturday we had service. We helped feed a bunch of hungry kids who didn't have much. Then we played a bit of basketball, then went to our house, studied for a bit, then went to general conference, which was awesome! There was a talk by the 1st Counsellor in the Young Men's presidency that made me think of Andrew. Great talk! President Eyrings talk was also really great....

Sunday we went to conference first thing in the morning, because of all the travel, it took us about an hour and a half to get to. We got back around 5, where we taught a few lessons, and had dinner at Sister Canada's again. She's really nice. She also gave us a ride back to our house that night.

Then today we had district meeting, did groceries, laundry and now I'm here!

So I will answer your guys email now. Everyone knows it's my birthday. They announced today in district meeting. That's awesome you saw President Mciff. He's actually great. I'm surprised you didn't see me though, I would have been right next to Elder Andrus there on the stairs, if it's where I think it is. Haha. Try looking again! It's good that things are getting warmer there. Things are always hot here. I can't send an email to anyone else but you guys and my mission president (we have a strict area president.) So please tell Justin great job on getting into Vanier for me!

General conference was great for me. I really liked it. While studying, it's mostly Tagalog, so i don't think you will want to hear about that. haha. We also have reading assignments from Pres.Howard. We're in Acts right now. Anyways from general conference, one quote that stuck out to me was by Thomas S. Monson, he said when you get married it's important to choose your love and love your choice, so that stuck out to me a lot for some reason. haha. Unfortunately we missed the Saturday afternoon session, so I missed Elder Ballard, Packer and Oaks.....which is really too bad. I took a lot of notes at conference. Pres. Uchdorf's talk was great. Sorry I can't think of more to write.. haha.

Anyways I'm going to try sending pictures now and we gotta go. So Have a Good week! Mahal Kita!

Elder Chris Gagnon

P.S. I just tried uploading some pictures, but it wouldn't work. I'll have to think of something else. Sorry! Gotta go!

Love Chris

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