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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week 4 at the MTC

Hey Mom and Dad! How's it going?! This week was good and it went by so fast! Elder Johnson and I are both doing pretty good. Elder Comish was released as district leader yesterday and Elder Johnson just got called as the new district leader. So I know you guys wanted a breakdown of my week and what I do each day, but I don't have it on me....I will try and send my whole schedule next week. Here's a breakdown of what we did last week though.

Last Monday we had our first teaching appointment with the other district in our zone. It went ok.....I guess it was a bit hard teaching with Elder Johnson.....We had to teach someone who smoked Lesson 2 from Preach My Gospel. Then we had to teach the same thing to someone who drank. After the ZTA we went back to residence and then to bed.

Tuesday, we studied Lesson 2 more, by the way, lesson 2 is "The Plan of Salvation". I should have mentioned that before:) We also had class with Bro. May who went over how to teach someone how to pray in Tagalog. The language has been coming along great! Our district goal is to speak it 100% of the time now. Everywhere! It's hard though....That night, we had a talk by Elder Pearson and he kinda ripped on us. He mostly said that missionaries need to be obedient to exactness. So far, I think I have been doing a great job of that. He also said to forget yourself and focus on the work, which is said by everyone who gives talks, but it is very important. It was a great talk!

Wednesday, I sent the letters to you guys that day because I couldn't do it on Monday because my photos would only be developed on Wednesday, so I had to wait till then. Wednesday, we mostly studied how to share scriptures in Tagalog and we also had a lesson from Brother Molina about how to plan well and the importance of planning. We also learned how to use the word "please". He went over this because everyone was saying "paki" which we thought meant "please", but it doesn't. You have to put "paki" in front of a word to make it please, otherwise it doesn't mean anything.

Thursday we had the TRC (Teaching Resource Center). We helped someone move, then taught them about prayer. I forgot how to say some of the things, but all in all it went well. Then we taught him the first lesson and Brother Molina said we did good. This week we have to talk about food with someone at a "cafeteria", then schedule an appointment and then teach the first lesson in Tagalog.....It's gonna be a bit tough....

Friday, I decided to fast. We had a large group meeting about how to use the Book of Mormon. The LGM (large group meeting) was taught by Brother Collette (ex-missionary from LaSalle ward), which was awesome! It was a really good lesson, he told a story about his mission, which was awesome! The rest of the day, we had Brother May and we learned about foods. How to say different foods, and talk about flavours and stuff, which was the worst because I wasn't eating and I still had 3 hours till I broke my fast! We pretty much studied language the rest of the day...

Saturday, we studied language more, we finished going over Lesson 1 in Tagalog, then we had to give a lesson in Tagalog, which was a surprise. We did pretty bad, but we will get there, it's just hard to remember all the Tagalog rules and words and stuff. We have to teach it again tonight to people who actually know how to speak Tagalog. We also learned more about how to share scriptures.

Sunday I played two songs on piano, one for priesthood and one for sacrament. Elder Taylor (same zone, other district) and Elder Leishman all split up who does the songs. I also blessed the sacrament in Tagalog which was really kool! It's a long prayer though....That night, we had a fireside by Brother Nally, 1st counsellor in the MTC presidency and his wife on the importance of
hymns. It was an amazing fireside! They chose people out of the crowd and they got to get up and say their fave hymn and then we would sing one line out of that hymn. I wanted to get chosen because I would have chosen "Master the Tempest is Raging". I heard it for the first time here at the MTC a few weeks ago. It's a great hymn! There were a few other great ones chosen though, like "Nearer My God to Thee" and "God be With you Till We Meet Again". Then we did a different arrangement of "Called to Serve" with Sister Nally on the piano. She would tell us who should sing and how loud....it was really kool!

Today we went to the temple and I saw Timothy Babcock, who was a missionary in LaSalle like 4-5 years ago! I didn't recognize him at first, but he saw me and was like "Elder GAGNON!" I couldn't believe he recognized me! He's married now and lives near the MTC. I couldn't talk to him for too long because he had to go and so did I. It was really cool though! I also got a haircut today.

Anyways, thanks for everything! Thanks for the package! I shared one thing with Elder Johnson and one with Elder Tomasi. Thanks for sending him a "Dear Elder" by the way...he told me to thank you guys. Also, please thank Fatima for the Krispie Kremes! They were great! Please thank Theresa for me and tell her I love her and all the "Dear Elders" I get from her. I'm not going to get one today, because it's a holiday and we also don't get them on weekends. I'm going to try and send her a recording today. OH! and one more thing, my memory card that you sent back isn't working. I don't know why, but I can't take any pics. Anyways, that's all for now! If you want to send me an email back, you can and I have till 6:00 to reply back to it! Thanks guys! Mahal Kita!

Elder Gagnon

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