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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The rest of Chris' first week at the MTC....

So, Chris writes home to his family each week by email...we're the only ones he can actually email and everyone else gets a letter. So today we just got an actual letter from his first week at the MTC trying to make up for the fact that he didn't realize he only had 30 mins. on the computer that first week and didn't write that much...So here's how the rest of that first week went....(Nancy)

Hey Mom and Dad!

I didn't have time to finish my email so I am going to write a small letter. The MTC is great, I am loving it here! Just so you know, my district is all the missionaries going to the Philippines at the same time. So in the first picture (we didn't actually get the pictures because he sent home the wrong card from his camera:)) you see of one pair of missionaries is Elder Andrus and Elder "Vegas" Tuitama. Both of them are really funny and I am good friends with both. Andrus is from Utah and Tuitama is from Vegas. The next companionship is mine with Comish and Morris, they are both kool. And the last companionship is Elder Leishman, from Bountiful and Tomasi from Tonga, he is really funny! Leishman and Tuitama were both in bands before the MTC and both of them played bass!

I went to the temple today doing an endowment session with both comps. It was really great and I felt the spirit so strongly in the celestial room. It was really beautiful. Anyways, this is my letter, OH! and thanks for all the goodies and treats, my comps/district really enjoyed all of them! OH! Sorry.....Guess what? I saw Elder Colette (an old missionary that served in Montreal a few years ago) he works here....And! I saw James Peterson and I spoke with him And! Tell Justin and Andrew that the kid who is on the bus with Napoleon and asks him "What are you gonna do today, Napoleon?" from Napoleon Dynamite is here at the MTC!! I haven't met him yet though....

Anyways, tell Justin, Andrew and Granny that I love them! Thanks for everything again! I love you both!

Love Chris

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