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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another letter in the mail....From Jan. 31, 2011

Hey Guys,

Sorry I didn't have time to say all that I wanted to in the email! I was going to mention that we also go to the temple on Mondays. We didn't go this Monday though because elder Morris is "sick". I really wanted to go today, the rest of the district is there now. Lucky!

Class is today with Brother Molina, he is a great teacher! He used to be Catholic up until he turned 16, like me! Also he is Filipino and his parents spoke Tagalog, so he is fluent. Then we have Brother May, who doesn't speak as fast as Bro. Molina, but he will ONLY speak Tagalog to us in class. Everyone likes Bro. Molina more, but I actually can't choose, they are both awesome teachers! I have been learning a lot from both...

Anyways, write me back! I always have time to read letters at the end of the night and it is always the perfect way to end a day of hard work. The language is coming along really well, I am starting to make my own sentences now.

Anyways, as I said in my email, I love my district. I already told you about Elder Tomasi and Elder Andrus is a cool guy. His brother-in-law is Lance Topham, who served where we live! He was the missionary that helped us with our backyard. We both thought that was really kool!

Anyways, I gotta get going! The only thing I really want is A&W's address. That would be nice. Also, let me know how everyone is at home! Thanks for everything guys! I love you!
Mahal-kita kayo.


Also! Just to let you know we have taught a few lessons in English and we pretty much have the first lesson memorized. We taught a fake investigator and he said we did really good. The one thing I need to work on is smiling while teaching, surprisingly....I didn't think I would have a problem with that...Anyways...Mahal-kita kayo. Ingat!

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