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Monday, August 20, 2012

July 30th, 2012

Elder Kunzler, Elder Grob and I at Reynas baptism 2 weeks ago!
Some of the Makati zone at Brother Holmes house a few weeks ago! :D... The one sitting at the bottom right is Elder Young, and his great great grandfather is Brigham!
Elder Kunzler and I with a New tatay we found at an FHE! :D
Charlene's Baptism last Sunday
Hello family! It's been another great week in Makati! We were supposed to have a zone activity today but it ended not happening so I can finally rest on a Pday and not have to worry about anything at all! :D I was really happy to read you guys' email! I'm really excited for Justin. Time goes by so fast. I can't believe that this is the last week of this transfer. I have made a lot of good progress this transfer both as a missionary and in the area, Makati 2nd.. I think this may be my last week though here in Makati. I can just sort of feel it.. Not this Wednesday, but the next Wednesday is transfer day. However, we may find out on Thursday who is transferring because that is ZLC and all the zone leaders are going to be talking about transfers.. If not though, I will know next Monday when I receive the transfer announcements for the zone. I'm excited to see what will happen though. I want to stay because I love the area, but I wouldn't mind leaving because it would be something new and exciting. I love Makati 2nd though. Our investigators are doing great. Charlene was baptized last Sunday. She has a lot of good friends in the church and she even said she wants to serve a mission. So she is awesome! Sister Elaine is doing really good, she just has some things that need to be worked out first. But she is awesome! We also have Janet who came to our ward activity last Saturday. We played sports. There were pictures taken... but not by me.. I will get them from Sister Neneng... It was really fun. Um.. Albert is also doing great! He really wants to quite smoking and he will. It will just take some time. We are actually trying to find more Tatays that we can teach in our area so we can teach more families. I love being a missionary. It's the most tiring thing, but really amazing. I don't have the test that we did last week. But I do remember some of the questions. The point of the test was to see how familiar people are with the Book Of Mormon. It says in PMG P.180-181 that when you use scriptures, you should identify who is speaking and really introduce the scripture. So we asked a few questions that mostly had to do with the background of scriptures that we might use often in our teaching in the Book of Mormon. We also did another test, where we asked one person to stand and without looking at their PMGs, state the order of doctrinal principles in both lesson 1 and 2 in Chapter 3 of PMG. Here are some of the questions that we asked. . It's probably best to not read PMG before you do this... Just maybe look at the references after you take the test. XD Who is speaking in Alma 34 about the Purpose of life? (Less than half got the answer right...) Who is testifying of Christ in Nephi 10-11?(Based out of page 48 of PMG I think... Or page 47... It's at the beginning of L.2 in chapter 3 of PMG) Who is teaching about Agency in 2 Nephi 2? (Nobody got this one.... :@) What chapters in the Book Of Mormon does King Benjamin teach of Christ? Where in the Book Of Mormon does it make clear the Purpose of the Book Of Mormon(Name 2 places)? Who is Teaching of the pure love of Christ in Moroni 7? What is being taught in 2 Nephi 31? (easy question...) Which prophet does Jacob quote in Jacob 2 relative to the Allegory of the Olive tree? (One Of my Fav chapters in BOM! :D.... Nobody got the answer to this though...) There were a few others... But I forgot them. The scores were unfortunately really really low.. I guess the questions were not the easiest either. It was still fun though and people enjoyed it. :D We have another zone meeting next week. I will take pictures then. I do have a few pictures from the last few weeks though. My camera is a beast. It's still going really strong. Oh, please tell Kaylia, that I received her letter last week. It was nice to hear from her. Please tell her I will answer her questions as soon as I can. She didn't write a return address so it's going to be a bit hard... But please tell her that I said thank you! :D That is about it for this week, my time is almost up and I am still going to send pictures. Have a great week everyone! :D Love ya! Elder Gagnon

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