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Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20th, 2012

We had a small service project where we just talked about being prepared and 72 hour kits to Barangay officials. We were given t-shirts! :D
Elder Kunzler and I with Sister Angel, one of the head people in Barangay Poblation. :D
Hello Family! This week was a really great week. It started off a little hard but we really ended up with a great week! Last Tuesday we had our zone meeting, we set goals as a zone for the next month of September. Unfortunatly, Makati zone does not look like it will hit it's goal of 20 baptisms for the month of August... We set a lower goal of 15 though for the month of September. I'm pretty sure we can can get that. 15 is still really really high, but not impossible. :D We also taught about the Book Of Mormon and we sang Book Of Mormon stories. Then we practiced introducing the Book of Mormon. It went really well. :D Well last week was really great, we found a lot of new investigators and we were also able to give out more baptismal dates to people, we now have 8 people with baptismal dates. Sister Elaine, who we have been teaching for a while now, finally accepted to be baptized on a date! She should be on the 22nd of September. We also have sister Janet and Albert who are doing really good and should be in September. We also have brother Ramon who is new but really wants to change and make things right with God. Then we have Sheryl and Margorie, who we have only taught once, but accepted to be baptized on October 6. So that is the goal date for them. Things are going really good in our area as of right now. I am really excited and happy for Elaine though. We also have Sister Alona getting baptized this coming Saturday and we are very excited for her. She has really come a long way. :D Last Sunday I gave a talk on missionary work and I just went through some small things (mainly living the gospel, praying and having charity) that any of us can do to make a big difference in missionary work. We also went to a baptism in Mandaluyong last Saturday. They had 2 baptisms which was really great! We are going to have a zone activity this transfer. It's been harder to do one in the city because there's not as much to do, but we are finally going to have one this transfer! :D It was really crazy to see all of those pics. Everyone looks different. Haha. Especially Andrew! Kelsey too also looks like she has grown a lot. I didn't even recognize her. I actually think the only one who hasn't changed at all since the last time I saw him was Jason. He still looks the same! :D haha! I'm really excited to hear about Justin's call! I hope it comes this week. I'm still wondering about where he is going to go. Oh yea, I received a Dear Elder from Marie. Please tell her thank you so much for the letter and for everything! That's about it for this week! Please tell Kameron I said congrats for finishing his mission and please thank him for his service! :D That's about it for this week. I don't think I'm going to buy a new camera, I'm going to get mine fixed soon. Anyways thank you so much for everything! Have a great week! I love you! Elder Gagnon

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