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Monday, August 20, 2012

August 13th, 2012

Hello Family! Everything is really good here in Makati. Things are going good, there was a lot of rain, but despite the rain, Elder Kunzler and I got quite a bit of work done... There was a bit of flooding here in Makati though. It wasn't too bad. I felt bad though, because on the day there was flooding we had to take the new missionaries from Provo out to work and on their first day they were in water up passed their knees! I wanted to get pics, but my camera is kinda broken.... I'm going to get it fixed today though so I can take pics. Things are going really great here. I can't wait to hear about Justin's mission call. I'm still hoping he gets sent here to the Manila mission, then maybe I could train him or be in the same zone as him. It would be really cool! :D We did a lot of finding last week, we had some success, we found a new investigator whose name is Joel and he came to church last week. His girlfriend is also a member, but is less active so we are going to be working with both of them this week. Brother Albert is doing really good, so is sister Janet. They won't be getting baptized though, because they both were not able to attend church last week. Elaine was able to go to church though, she is doing great we are going to be finishing the plan of Salvation with her this week. She is progressing really well. So is Sister Alona, She should be getting baptized August 25th. She is doing really amazing. Well, today we have to prepare for our zone meeting. It will be on the Book Of Mormon which will be the focus of the training going on for the month of August. I love the Book of Mormon. I have been reading it through for a while and I just finished Alma3. It's such an amazing book! I'm really sorry I don't have more to write. I know I have gotten bad about writing emails, it's just mostly because I am so tired while at the computer shop and can't remember everything that happened in the last week. If you guys have anything that you want to know about or any questions or anything, that would be great. I'm going to try and be better at keeping a journal this week also and then bring it to the email shop so I can remember things better. Anyways, I'm doing really great and I hope everyone there is doing awesome! I'm excited about Justin's call. I know he will get sent to the right place. I love you guys so much and have a great week! Mahal ko po kayo! :D Elder Gagnon P.S. This is Nancy (Chris' mom)....At the same time Chris was sending this email, I was online on my email sending emails back and forth with him (sort of like an email chat)...Here's a few of the things he had to say... I'm doing really great...really tired. I'm sorry but this won't be a long email... Haha. I know it might sound sad but I feel like I have finally gotten bad at writing good emails. I got to see my anak last week, Elder Villa, so that's really kool. My camera is broken though, so there won't be any pics. I'm going to get it fixed later today. I just saw the pics... Andrew is HUGE!!! How tall is he, and what is his weight? How is he doing? Oh yea, Poor Elder Villa, my anak got sent from Palawan to Manila, which is like the most populated zone in the mission, so I feel kinda bad for him :( I'm sorry about the emails. Being a missionary is just soooo tiring, I can't even think when I'm at the computer shop.... There was flooding here. it got pretty high to, way up my leg. It was kool because we had new missionaries work with us from Provo and that was their first taste of the Philippines. I'm going to write a better email next week I promise. We have a zone meeting to prepare for tomorrow, also, Elder Kunzler and I were both sick so we weren't even able to work in our area till Wednesday and that was the day we took the new missionaries out to work. My camera is a beast it just has a little something wrong with it and it can't take good pics.... I'm going to get it fixed later today... :D We were both just sick with a fever. We both feel great now. We just think that everytime one of us would get sick, we would only rest for a bit, then go out and work and then we would get sick worse, so we didn't work Monday night or all day Tuesday and on Wednesday we only got out at 3pm. So yea. We both feel a lot better now... I'm just about to finish the email. It's a little short, but it's only because we stayed inside for a while. How is Ben doing? What about Kameron? Or Derek? Is Derek doing the whole blog thing? Also, when does Ben come home? Next month? Yes I'm still here, I just finished emailing President Stucki. Haha. It's raining outside pretty hard. We're going to wait a bit before we go outside... that's good about everyone... Do you guys have any questions for me? I'm still really happy to be here in Makati. What about Andrew, does he have a calling in church? Does Justin still have his calling? Also, how is your calling and the missionary work in Montreal doing? I'm glad to hear about your calling. I'm actually really excited to go back home, not just to go home but to do missionary work when I come back! I'm hoping that I will be able to work with the missionaries a lot when I get back. Anyways, I really gotta go. I have a ton of things to do and prepare. I love you guys so much and it was great talking to you for a bit. Have a great week! Love you! :D Elder Gagnon

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