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Sunday, May 27, 2012

The first time I will get to see and shake hands with an apostle!

Hello Family! This week was amazing! Transfers were not stressful at all and my new companion, Elder Berse is awesome! I don't know if I said this last week, but I'm his last companion. We're having a great time. Makati will be the first area in my whole mission where I had more than 2 companions in an area. Elder Berse is really cool. He is the only member of his family and his mom just recently started getting taught by the missionaries. He wants to teach his family when he gets home. Also before his mission he worked at Jollybee which is a fast food restaurant, just like I did. So we have quite a bit in common which is really cool. Last week, Elder Duero and I went to say good-bye to a few investigators and members here in Makati. He was an awesome companion. We also got a long really well and had a ton of fun and success together! Last Saturday was a really great day. We had April's baptism. It was a great experience because Mark, Her husband, was able to baptize her. It was a really amazing thing to see and I'm sure they also had a great experience. They have plans to go to the temple in one year which will be another great and amazing experience for both of them. April is really strong and has a great understanding of the Gospel. I will send pictures of her baptism after this email. Our other investigators are doing really good. We have Kennedy, whose baptism had to be moved because he couldn't come to church. Albert is doing really good too, but couldn't come to church and Mark is getting baptized this week. We have a ton of referrals to contact this week. Last week we received 30 and didn't have time to contact them last week. We will do that this week though. Also this week, we get to go to the temple on Wednesday and tomorrow, I don't know if i mentioned this, but we have a zone conference. But not just any zone conference, Elder Nelson of the Quorum of the 12 is going to be there! I'm really excited, this will be the first time I get to see and shake hands with an apostle! The whole mission is going to be there, except the missionaries on Palawan. Oh yea, last week we had the missionaries going to Palawan sleep at our house. Elder Morris finally got to go there (he wanted to go there for a while). He is going to be re-opening an area out there with my old anak, Elder Villa! So that was really kool, I'm sure they will get along. I don't have much else to say... Brother Zaldy is now out of the hospital. Elder Duero and I visited him last week and he wasn't doing too great when we saw him. But he is doing a lot better now so that was good to see. Me on the other hand, I'm sick with a cold again. So that's too bad but I'm getting better I think! :) Thank you so much for everything. I love my mission so much. It's going by really fast. I only have 6 transfers left. It's really weird. I love this work so much! It's all true! I hope you guys have a great week! I love you all! Love you! Elder Chris Gagnon!

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