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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Weekend - Called home!

FHE at the Nativadad's house
This is at Neneng's house. She is the Relief Society President!
Ward Cleaning Activity
Abigail was baptized in Mandaluyong!
This is at the Stake Presidents house. He fed us Macdo after we finished teaching April.
And last but not least, Sheryl's Baptism. The assistants were also there!
Hello! It was great to talk to you all just earlier! We're having a good P-day. Elder Duero is just getting ready to leave and go to his new area. We had a good two transfers together. I'm excited to be companions with Elder Berse. I've worked with him a few times and he is a great missionary. Last week we had a few good lessons. April was interviewed for baptism last week which was awesome. We were able to to teach again and we already knew she was ready we just had to review what she had already been taught. Kennedy wasn't able to go to church last week... So we have to move his baptism for June. He is doing great. We have been teaching him the commandments and there hasn't been any problems. He is just not going to church enough. Mark Tort is doing great and he is ready for his baptism on May 24th. Actually last Sunday we were able to teach Albert who lives in the same compound as Mark who we had spoken to before and invited him to church and he has come 2ce so far. He is also doing really good and we were able to commit him to be baptized in the first lesson. There is no goal date yet though, but he will have one the next lesson. It was weird because Elder Duero wasn't my companion it was me and a few youth, one preparing to leave soon to go on his mission. It was a good experience for all of us though. Oh something that isn't good...Brother Zaldy, the one who was baptized last March is in the hospital and he cannot walk and he wasn't doing too well when we went to see him. We have been teaching a few less actives but we need to find more. We're running out of people to teach... So Elder Berse and I are going to be doing a little bit more finding this transfer. We're still going to have baptisms though. We just need to have a bigger teaching pool... Oh, last week we had a few baptismal interviews. That was good. I like interviewing people for baptism. They are usually really ready and have great testimonies of the Gospel. :D Well. I thought I would have more to write. I guess I don't....I'm really tired. Haha. I actually didn't sleep well last night. I think I might have sounded a little bit tired on the phone. I'm going to send some pictures today! :D I hope you guys have a great day and an amazing week. I love you! :D Elder Chris Gagnon

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