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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Guess what....?!

Yolly's Baptism

Hello family!

I haven't received your email yet...It has been a great
week here in STA Monica. Things are really picking up. Annnnnnnnnnnnd.....
Guess what? I am going to be..............staying......Haha.
Yes, I just got a call from President Stucki about 20 minutes ago to
find out that I will be staying in STA Monica and I will be training a
new Missionary! Sooo I'm buntis now! Haha. And on Friday I think I get
to meet my Anak! I'm pretty surprised. Haha. I'm kinda nervous. But at
the same time I am really excited to meet my Anak. It's really
exciting. Haha. I don't know if I am going to stay as a District
Leader though. I think the districts might be changing and I
might get to be in the same district as Elder Comish. But we will just
have to see about that and stuff.

Things are going great in the area. Yolly was just baptized this past
Saturday. She was really happy. We had a recent convert baptize her.
Nancy also gave her talk and she did amazing. It was definitely one of
the best parts of the week. Nancy was just baptized and now she gave a
really good talk and I was just really happy. Yolly was very happy.
She thanked us at the end and she bore her testimony and it was just a
very good day. Especially seeing where she came from when we first
found her until now. She has made amazing progress. We are really
happy for her.

I had to do three interviews last Saturday. They went super well. It
was for the zone leaders and I'm really happy that this family is
getting baptized because I taught them a few times while on exchanges.
There are really awesome. I'm happy for all of them. :)

Carleto and his wife are also doing really really well. Carleto came
to church last week which was really good. He is participating
really well in the classes. He is going to be interviewed hopefully
this week. He is doing good. But I just want to make sure that his
testimony is there before he gets baptized with his wife. His wife
said she knows these things are true and she also wants to be
baptized. They have both stopped drinking completely which is great!

We also found a new investigator this week that is golden. His name is
Jeffrey. He just moved next to the 1st Councillor in the district
presidency. So they referred him, we contacted him one night, taught
him the next day and gave him a baptismal date and he came to church.
He met President Peterson a while ago while delivering water to his
house and President gave him a Book of Mormon and he has been reading
it! He does have a bit of a hard time reading but he is really great
and really wants to be taught. :D

We also found a few other people that have potential. But we did drop
Nelson because he stopped progressing. It's been kind of hard this
transfer because of the Holidays. But I think this transfer we will
see a lot of success. I'm really excited for everything. Haha.

Well that's about it for this week. Ive been taking a lot of pictures
because I really thought I was transferring. But no! Haha. Well that's
about it for now I guess. I don't really have much else to write. I
will write a ton more next week though. I PROMISE!!

I love you guys so much and thank you so much for all of your prayers.
I pray for everyone back at home and I hope you all have an amazing

Love you!

Elder Chris Gagnon

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