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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thank you to whoever sent all the letters!

This is Puerto zone with only Coron district missing. They don't come to meetings because they are to far away. :)

Elder Comish and I bought Batch ties Kulay Mauve!

Hey Guys!
We had an alright week last week. The work was ok. Haha. We had a training meeting last week with President Stucki about what our focus is going to be and we're really focusing on establishing the church. There are soooo many inactive members out here so we are really going to be focusing on them for a while. Also District meetings are now on Tuesday. So tomorrow will be the 2nd district meeting. I'm excited, we actually have to practice because the district is performing for a missionary Christmas party here in Puerto. And also we signed up as a district to sing in front of all of Puerto for something called LDS night. Pretty much it is we are going to Bay walk and there is going to be a bunch of different acts performed by LDS members. And we were asked to do something, so we have to decide on what we're gonna do because there's gonna be like 1000000000 people there! Haha. There's always a lot of people there. I'm really excited for that, this is a first time thing for the church. I'm really excited!

It sounds like you guys are all ready for Christmas which is great! I will get to call home, I think I will do a set up call so I will make a call before the day where I actually make the long phone call. The phone call will be 30-40 minutes this time.

Last week was ok. We had to drop 2 of our baptismal dates unfortunatly. :( Also we had to move Tatay Carleto because he drank last Tuesday for the first time in a while. He is still doing great, we have to move his date to January though which was really to bad. Yolly is also doing great, but wasn't able to go to church last week for some reason so we have to move her baptismal date back too. Everyone else is going really well. We found a new man a few weeks ago named Boy Magalianis and he is really religious and has been looking for the truth for a while. We taught him last week and found out that he got in a big boat accident and he said that was the 3rd time he believes that God has saved his life, so he really thinks it's for a reason. We had a really good conversation about why we are here on earth and why bad things happen to us sometimes. We also gave him a baptismal date at the end of the lesson for January 21. He said he would come to church the next week.

We were not able to get back to Mary Ann which was too bad. But after we got punted by her we went looking for members who live in the area that she lives in and this, in my opinion is one good way to do finding. You have a name and you just kind of ask people if they know who they are and then introduce yourselves as missionaries. Anyways after doing that a few times, we find a guy who was really interested. Well at first he wasn't but we taught him the whole message of the restoration and he is really really interested and is committed to baptism if he finds that this is true.

Oh yea, Last Saturday I did my first baptismal interview. I interviewed a man name Bryce who has been going to STA Monica branch for about 4 weeks now, he is the sisters' investigator though. He is going to be baptized this Saturday and I am really excited for him and he seems really happy as well!

Anyways that's about it for this week. I got your guys' package last week. I only opened one box because I really needed socks, haha. Mine were really ruined and had a lot of holes. Haha. Thank you sooo much for the package! I actually still haven't sent mine. It's hard to get all the stuff to fedex from our house, but I am really gonna try to do it tomorrow. It might not come in time unfortunatly. I'm really sorry. :(

Anyways things are going great here. I'm going to send some pictures today so I need to finish off. I will let you guys know more about the call. I'm pretty excited to speak to you guys. It's going to be great! Anyways I hope you guys have a great week and thank you so much for the package. OH and Thank you to whoever sent all the letters. There weren't any names on any of them. I think it was from the stake. The package just said Bilodeau. So yea.... Thank you! Haha I love guys!

Elder Chris Gagnon

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