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Thursday, December 8, 2011

....new district leader of Puerto!

The HUGE knot on transfer day!

The New Puerto district

Elder Gagnon and Elder Hyde

Holding a binturong (bearcat)

With the TaytayB missionaries at the croc farm: Elders Comish, Corry, Gagnon and Christie

Hey Guys!

Had a great week in STA Monica! This email won't be as long as some of the others because I'm already a bit late. Haha. Sorry!

So last week was transfers. I found out last Monday that Elder Christie and I would be staying together for another transfer. Then we had district meeting last Tuesday and also transfer announcements. I wore a sweater kinda thing and made a really bit knot but a really short tie but you can't tell it's a short tie because I'm wearing a sweater. Haha, the senior couple, President and Sister Peterson both thought it was hilarious! Haha, I will send a pic. So Elder Black is no longer our zone leader, he is going to train in Makati and going to be with Elder Nye for 2 weeks, so he is in a threesome for 2 weeks. Elder Nye goes home really soon. It's too bad I didn't get to see him before he left. He sent me a letter though and said he made a goal to be at my homecoming! Haha. Also Sister Anjum left to Manila and Elder Peterson, our District leader, went to Narra to become a Zone leader. So this is my second transfer where Sister Anjum and Elder Peterson are not in the same zone as I am. Right after the transfer meeting as we were leaving I got a call from President Stucki. He told me that I would be the new district leader of Puerto! So I'm really excited because our zone is suuuuuuuper awesome! It is me and Elder Christie, the zone leaders Elder Hyde and Elder Munk(New zone leader,also my brother in the mission!), Puerto 2B, which is Elder Cooper and Elder Berse, STA Monica B which is Sister Caubalejo and Sister Roque and Puerto 1, which is Sister Gupta and Sister Dyre, who took Sister Anjum's place and actually came from Elder Nye's district in Makati!

I'm really excited I have a few cool ideas for district meetings. Our first one is next Tuesday and we have training tomorrow from President Stucki. :D

Our area is doing really amazing! We have 10 people who have committed to baptism on a specific date. They are just struggling with going to church. I don't know how it is at home but if you want to get baptized here you have to go to church 4 weeks before you are baptized. Which is probably the hardest thing. It really does just come down to faith though. Carleto and his wife were not able to come but have a date now for the 17th of December. They were, however, able to come to a church activity that was at the stake center last Wednesday and they met some new people and seemed to have a really good time!

Yolly was able to come to church last week! She is really excited for her baptism. She will be baptized on the 24th of December and we are super excited for her.

We had a really awesome experience last weekend on Saturday with sister Mary Joy. About a week ago we found Mary Joy and just got to know her, established expectations and shared a small lesson with her about families and about prayer. We left her a lesson 1 pamphlet about The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but she seemed like an ok investigator. We only got back to her a week later, and this time we followed up on her reading and she read the pamplet and she seemed to understand it. I asked if she had any questions about that and she said no. So I'm not sure why but she seemed pretty quiet. So we taught her about Prophets and Dispensations and after that I asked her what her questions were about what we taught and she said that she really understood everything and well to make a long story short: She really understood the whole pamphlet and she did pray to know whether Joseph Smith was a true prophet or not(we hadn't even taught her this yet!) And she said that she had a dream after she prayed and she saw a light in her dream and everything she said was really peaceful and calm. She said she took that as her answer and that she knows Joseph Smith was a Prophet who through him, God and Jesus Christ restored their Church.

I couldn't believe it! We did tell her what she felt was true and that Joseph Smith is a true Prophet and we also invited her to be baptized on January 14th, and she accepted!

I know that God answers prayers and I know that he really does love each and every single one of us and will answer our questions and prayers if we ask with a sincere heart with real intent having faith in Jesus Christ.

It was a really great week. Missionary work really is the best thing in the world. I love what I do soooo much!

So to answer your questions I will not be allowed to skype, I don't think there is any of that here. Haha. I will probably just call a few days in advance to set up the call and then call on Christmas day. Oh and no I did not get my Christmas package yet. Sorry. Anyways I really gotta go. Sorry it was a short email! Everything is going great here! I love you guys so much! Have a great week! Thanks for everything!

Elder Chris Gagnon

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