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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hey Guys!

I did have a great week! Really busy, but really great! Me and Elder Christie are doing a lot of work and doing pretty well! Here's how my week went! (I actually brought my planner! haha.)

So last Tuesday we went and worked with the Branch President, President Maico. I really like President Maico, he is really humble and just a really nice man. We visited a few of the members that day and we also taught Nancy. It was a good day, we just met a lot of the members. A lot of them are saying that it is a great thing that they finally have Elders again in STA Monica. Everyone has been really friendly and supportive of us so far. It's great!

Last Wednesday, Elder Christie and I both went to Irawan because we thought it would be a good idea to find out there because missionaries have never really gone finding there. We didn't really have a lot of success finding out there. We didn't really find anyone who was interested. And that is about all we did for that day.

Last Thursday we had exchanges, Elder Black(Zone leader) came and worked with me in my area. We actually had a pretty good day. We taught a good amount of lessons and found a few new potential investigators. I was kind of nervous though because Elder Black at the begining of the day showed me this paper and it was like a grading sheet on a bunch of different things. We taught a referral that day. It was given to us by Mike, a branch missionary in our branch. He is a recent convert and wants to go on a mission next year! So we taught this referral, her name is Gina and she said that it is great what we were doing as missionaries and she actually wants to become one sometime in the near future! Soooooo we taught her about baptism and we gave her a date on October 15th! So that is our goal for her and I think she will do great! She already came to church last Sunday! I'm excited for her. The rest of the day we went finding!

Last Friday, we studied that morning, then went to Puerto and did another exchange. I worked with Elder Cooper, Elder Petersons (District Leader) trainee. And Elder Peterson worked with Elder Christie in our area. Nancy had to be interviewed that day so that is why Elder Peterson went there. She ended up not getting interviewed because she is shy about getting baptized alone. So they told her to pray about it. We followed that up on Sunday and she said she would like someone to be baptized with. So there is one baptismal service that the sisters have on October 1st and if not that, then she might have to wait and get baptized with Gina on the 15th of October. It is good though because now Nancy is really encouraging Gina. It is great! Anyways. Elder Cooper and I did some finding. He is really new so we got lost a few times in his area, but that is ok he hasn't even been in the Philippines for 2 weeks yet! He is really new. We found one good person in his area though who might progress :)

Last Saturday I got back to STA Monica. It rained a ton. And it rained hard. So we couldn't really work.... We got out around 3:30 to visit Nancy and Gina and neither of them were home so we went to the church because we had a coordination meeting. It went well. I was actually asked to give a lesson on a teaching skill from Preach my Gospel so the members can also know how to teach. I chose Teaching for Understanding. I gave about a 10-15 minute thing on that, then we just kind of reported our work. And that was about it! We also bought Mangoes that day with cream, graham crackers and condensed milk and I made a Mango Float. It was soooooo good. We're going to make another one later tonight.

Then on Sunday we had 2 investigators at church, Nancy and Gina! We were happy they both came! After that we worked with Mike and a few other members and visited less actives and Nancy. Gina left so we couldn't teach her but we will tomorrow on Tuesday! I actually had Elder Christie teach all the lessons that day and he did great! His Tagalog is starting to come along!

Then today we had district meeting, we went shopping, went to a "beach" that wasn't really a beach because it was quiet, not sunny and boring. Haha. It was ok though we just hung out there as a half zone. Haha. Now I am here!

So I actually do not know what I want in packages yet. I will think of something though and tell you next week! Thank you so much! And yes I have been taking pictures. I don't know if it's a lot of pictures but it's definitely some pictures. Haha. I'm going to be able to send some tonight. Oh and there's a word that I learned a few weeks ago that I can say better then some Filipinos. Haha. We were at a less actives and they were trying to make me say a word and they couldn't say it but I could. Haha. It was kinda funny. You guys try. It's Nakakapagpabagabag. But it's not said like that, It's kind of like Nakakapagpa Bagabag so its kind of like there's a space after the nakakapagpa then you have an accent sort of thing on the A after the B in bagabag. Haha. I can't explain. I'll just video my self and then send that. Haha.

Anyways I'm doing great in STA Monica, The members are great! Companionship is great! Just need more investigators haha. It's all going really great though! I love you guys sooo much and thank you so much for everything! Have a great week!


Elder Gagnon.

P.S. So honestly I didn't bring the wire for my camera so yea. I tried a few different things, using Elder Christies camera but it won't work. I am sooooo sorry. Just one more week and there will be pictures I promise!! haha! Sorry!

I love you guys!

Elder Gagnon

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