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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We are both going to work hard and have a lot of fun!

Hey Family! It hasn't been too long since I last emailed home so I don't have a whole lot to write. We finally moved into our new apartment last Saturday so now it is just me and Elder Christie living in an apartment! It's really small but it's good enough. Our neighbor is French haha. I haven't had a chance to actually speak with him yet, but I want to. I really like our new area. It's really nice. The members are great! It's a very organized ward. We are about 30 minutes from Puerto, we're not that far. Man I really don't have a whole lot to say in this email..... We went finding last Friday and we had a dinner appointment at the church. We met President Maico there. He seems like a really nice and humble guy. He asked me to speak in sacrament last week. So I introduced myself to the ward then gave a 10 minute talk. Their speaker ended up not showing up. So yea! Haha. Oh! Last Thursday we also had a dinner appointment at the Cabaliza family. It was really fun. Brother is a really nice guy. He also knows english really well. We worked in our area a bit that day last Thursday. We worked with a branch missionary and new convert, Mike. Mike is awesome! He was baptized last June and really likes working with the missionaries. He wants to serve next year. We taught his mom, Nancy, who is the only progressing investigator we have as of now. She has a baptismal date for September
24th and her interview is going to be this Saturday. I'm excited for her, she is really nice. We just kind of reviewed everything that she had been taught and it went really well. It's a little bit hard in the area because we're not familiar with anything yet. Also we have a thing called the "area book" which is a record of the investigators and where they live and whatnot. Anyways we were looking in it and we found out that it has not been updated for a really long time. Haha...luckily the members know where some of the investigators which were taught by the sisters before us live. The members are really nice here. Our ward mission leader is super cool. He is a returned missionary who served in Davau. He was the AP in his mission. He really knows what he is doing and has all the ward missionaries really working hard. It's going to be a great area. The work is really going to pick up this week, I know it! Haha. We haven't had a whole lot of success finding so far though. We're focusing on the members a lot. It's going to be a good transfer. I'm still really excited!

Anyways unfortunately this email is probably the shortest ever. Unfortunately I did not get any pictures with Pres Bayaras, but I did get a lot with all the members. I will get to see them soon again. There is a District conference coming up soon. So I will get to see them then. My new area is not really like Roxas. There are some nicer houses here. It's just really different. I can't even explain it. It is a little less crowded, even though Roxas wasn't even that crowded. I don't really know how to explain it. I love it though! I love my whole mission! Things are going great with Elder Christie and I. We are both going to work hard and have a lot of fun! I'm excited for everything!

Well I really love you guys and sorry that this email wasn't long or that I am not even sending any pictures. I left my camera at the house...I will send some next week! Thanks so much for everything! And please tell Thiago I said "Welcome Home!" Haha.

I love you guys!

Elder Chris Gagnon

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