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Thursday, November 10, 2011

I miss Macdo....

Hey Guys!

Had a great week last week here in Sta Monica! We did a lot of finding and found some new really good investigators! Haha. Thank you for the package last week! We haven't actually had a whole lot of time to cook everything yet though, But thank you!

Last week was really good we found a lot of new people. And actually we taught 2 teachers. One of them is really good and I think will be a good investigator and the other one we haven't gotten back to. Their names are Salvation and Jennifer.

We also went to Irawan and found new people over there. We actually didn't have church there last weekend because our biggest progressing investigator, Tatay Carleto and his wife Sister Pass told us they would come all the way to the chapel in St. Jose. And they did! We actually had 6 investigators at sacrament last weekend which was the most I have had in this area. :) Tatay and Nanay are doing great though, they have a baptismal date for the 10th of December.

All of our other investigators are doing great to. Sister Nancy, the one who just got baptized last month is coming to work with us this week, so we are really excited for that. We going to Sister Yolly's to teach her. She also came to church last week and Sister Nancy was kind of showing her around and just being really friendly. It was really nice to see.

Brother Nelson is still doing good. He wasn't able to come to church again, but he will come next week and his baptism is still on for the 10th of December. So our area has really picked up, I guess it kind of took a while but things are really going well. We're going to do the Irawan group next week and we are really excited for that.

Last Friday we had a mission tour and Elder Ardern of the 70 came to Palawan. Also, I forgot to mention this in my mission letter last week but President Stucki actually called me about a week and a half ago asking if I could just bear my testimony at this mission tour. So I did and it went really well. Elder Ardern gave us some facts about the Philippines and how it has been doing over the years and stuff and I learned a lot of new things. He also emphasized the importance of learning the doctrine of every lesson perfectly.

Last Saturday we also had an activity at the church called an open house. It went really well a lot of people showed up, both members and non members and we got a ton of new investigators. Our branch leader, Ashley organized it and the whole theme was the Plan of Salvation. It went really well and people really seemed to enjoy it. I really liked it.

That's about all I have to say about last week. It was really great, I'm just really tired and yea. Haha

So now I will answer some questions in your guy's last email. :)

I do not know if we will have a Christmas tree this year. If I stay in STA Monica, then no. But I have seen other apartments with Christmas trees. My first apartment in San Pedro actually had one.

I actually don't know what the cobra story is. Haha, there was a snake in the street and it got killed by a car but that was about it....

The lobster we had was GOOD :)

My music is all on the mainland in Manila. Actually, funny story I guess. When I first got here to Palawan with Elder Glodo, that was one of the first things he asked me, was if I brought music. And I told him no and asked why. He said he hasn't heard music for a while and really misses it. Haha. He also said once I had been on Palawan for as long as he had, I would start to miss seeing everyone in the mission, music, going to the temple, and fast food. And I do miss all those things now because I have been out here forever! Haha. I miss Macdo....

Also I guess if you could just put maybe 200 dollars, that should be more than enough for me until the end of my mission. I have bought a few ties and shirts here and when we went to the Underground River. There were times before where I did just withdraw though because I didn't use money wisely. That was when I was with Elder Nye though and we ate at Macdo all the time. I guess that is why the Lord wanted me on Palawan. I could honestly say though that I have learned my lesson and I am ready for STA Monica to be my last area on Palawan. Haha. I really do love it here though. :)

Anyways I guess that's about it for this week. I love you guys and I hope you're all doing amazing. I hope you guys have a great week!

I love you all!

Elder Chris Gagnon

P.S. Hey I'm just gonna send pictures next week, the computer is going really slow and I have to go.. Sorry! :(

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