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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Water was almost up to my knees...it was crazy! :D

Hey! Sorry I'm writing only on Wednesday this week! We had P-Day on Wednesday this week, today was the temple day! I had a great time! Forgot my camera though! Sorry! Also I'm sorry I haven't sent any pictures! I'm going to be getting them on C.D when I get a chance to go to the store. The store is far though, it's at a mall that's about an hour from where we live.... I probably won't be able to get it done today because I have a lot of stuff to do! I'm always busy haha! Last week was really just ok. We had a tough week.....

Last Monday I forgot to mention, I bought a guitar. It didn't cost too much. I took out personal money and bought it, and we have been able to use it. It's actually a really good thing. Also last Monday after we left it rained a ton and we had to walk like 30 mins back home, I have never been so soaked in my life! The rain at home is nothing compared to here. I actually lost both my flipflops, picked them up and ran home bare foot, my planner got wrecked.... it's intact but like super dirty. Water was almost up to my knees. It was crazy! :D

Then on Tuesday, of course, we had work, we had to go to Muntinlupa because Elder Nye had to conduct a baptism interview. The person wasn't there though, sooooo me and Elder Lanticese(Old District leader, training now), went back to our area to work. We taught Theresa, about the importance of church. We followed up on how she felt about the last time she went, and she said she loved it and wants to go back! Yay! Then we went magfinding(by the way that's just finding, but the "Mag" is a tagalog conjugation, there are a bunch of different kinds of verbs, "mag" is one of them, so sometimes when using a word like "find" we just add mag to it. I do it sometimes when speaking tagalog E.G: Pwede Po ba kaming magshare ng mensahe sa inyo((can we share a message with you?)) I love the language because people do it all the time. They throw in english words like that all the time. I try not to do it, but sometimes it just happens because I hear it so often) and we found one girl who just argued with us.... It was annoying. It happened a lot to us this week.. Anyways that night we went back to Muntinlupa but couldn't find Elder Nye or Elder Lanticse's anak (kid in the mission). So we just went to his apartment and I slept there. It rained a lot that night too. We got on a jeep and the water was almost level with where you get on the jeep. Waves of water were actually hitting cars behind us and splashed. It's amazing how much water there is when it rains.

Wednesday, went back home and we thought we both needed a haircut, so we got it done that day early in the morning. Then we went out finding, we taught this new woman we're teaching, Sister Olandria. She didn't really get everything. She had a hard time understanding what prophets do. So we keep trying to go back but she hasn't been home as much. We also went to the group at Adelina, the 4 from there that came to church, they weren't all there, so we actually shared with them the Joseph Smith story again, and we watched the small DVD, then reviewed, it went well.

Thursday, we worked with Arjoe Yang, Brother Yang's son who is preparing to leave on his mission in a year. We taught this older lady that we found, and Juliet! We had a long discussion with Juliet, just answered a ton of questions that she had, then she asked what things were bawal (forbidden) in our church. So we taught her the Word of Wisdom and committed her to stop smoking. She said that would be the hardest thing. We have been trying to get back to her to see how it's going but she is never there. It's hard getting them at a time when they are all there, and we don't have a lot of time on our phone to contact these people.... Ugh. Anyways she really loves the Gospel. And She wants her whole family to listen too. Which is great! We would love to teach her whole family! :D

Friday we went to the Adelina group, who weren't there. They don't even have a phone so we can't contact them..... Then we went finding and found Ronnie! Ronnie is the best, super friendly, he lives in like a really small room. I might compare it to your closet if your closet was square, that's about the size of his and his son's house. He lost one of his arms a few years ago, but he is just super kind and always understands everything. Great guy, we taught him on Saturday as well. Then we taught Theresa, we taught the first bit of the Plan of salvation, up until our life on earth. It went great! She really wants to get baptized and knows that this church is true! She has a kid though, who is always crying, I don't know why he was, but this was kinda funny, but not really..... Their house is like ten feet above the ground, it's a squatters house, which is made of just anything, and there's like pieces of wood holding them up. Anyways so this kid was crying, he walked to go outside and took a step and one of the wood pieces gave out, he almost fell through! He just got one leg stuck though, so I got him out, of course he was crying more now though..... ANYWAYS... That night we had a F.H.E at the Canada's house (all of our other F.H.Es we planned for that week all fell through BTW) So we had a bunch of people there. We had Sister Pabia and her family there, Sister Canada and her son, an inactive member, and Sister Boco, all recent converts to the church... all of their families were there as well. Sister Canada's daughter hasn't come back yet either... She's 20 by the way, and no that was not the first blessing I did. I have done a few. I just forget to write all of them. Sorry! Anyways! Elder Nye conducted the F.H.E then I shared a message about loving one another and charity. It went really well. My favorite verse is 1 Cor 13:13. Which Elder Nye later used for his talk on Sunday. Then we sang Love One Another, which I played on the Guitar :) then we played some Filippino games that I learned here, and went home.

Then Saturday another big day, we left early, taught Ronnie about the Book of Mormon which of course went great! He said he would read it and pray about it and go to church(we hadnt even invited him yet, he just said he would come, haha. We were going to invite him though.) Then we taught Theresa about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It went pretty hard because it was raining, and the roof is tin so we had to speak a little louder.. Did a lot of repeating. Once we were done Elder Nye got his shoes on and went outside, the kid was also outside, by the way this kid is always naked for some reason, he never has pants on. So I asked Elder Nye to grab my shoes, he said "yea, just a sec I'm gonna get mine on" and like three seconds later I look at my shoes and guess who was peeing in them.......Ugh. So yea. That kid peed in my shoes.....After that we went to Elder Lanticse's baptism because we were doing a musical presentation, then after that we went to Elder Dela Cruz' baptism and played there. We played I Am a Child of God at both. Elder Nye and I both played guitar. People liked it a lot. Then that night we went to the Razo's. They were that really rich family I went to about a month ago. I was talking to the guy and about ten years ago he was in the squatters, but he worked hard and now he owns a ton of businesses. We had some food, he has a pizza oven and ice cream machine, they fed our whole zone! Then we had F.H.E. with them and played I am a Child of God on guitar. It was fun! Only problem was I still hadn't started my talk!

So that's what I did Sunday morning. I wrote like a bunch of ideas on paper, in english and brought them with me. I spoke second after Brother Boco, a recent convert, husband of Sister Boco. He spoke for about 8 minutes, then I spoke for 15, and Elder Nye spoke for 15. It was perfect! I loved speaking! I just spoke about member missionary work and why it is important. I shared some scriptures, and spoke about blessings I've received while serving. Everyone really liked it. I really liked Elder Nye's talk though. He spoke of requirements we need to have to do missionary work, he spoke a lot about charity which is something he and I have discussed a lot this past week. Unfortunatly though no one came to church because it was raining. We have plans though. Because people think it is too far to walk to church and too much for transport, so there is a railway in the area where we find that goes to the church, so this week we're going to build a cart so that recent converts and investigators on the railroad can come to church. That is our focus for this week, finding the materials and whatnot. It is going to be good! Anyways after church we taught Theresa, who told us that was her last day in San Pedro, and she was going back to her province, so that is really too bad... she actually left too:( We got pictures with her though and got her adress and gave it to President Howard who will give it to the mission president in the other mission, who will give it to the missionaries in that area! :) I know she will find them no matter what!

Anyways that's about it for this email. I will write about yesterday Monday, next Monday because I am out of time. That's great that Justin is having his grad soon and that he gave a great talk and won that award! Great!

Melanie we didn't get to see all week, she has been busy....

I can't go to that picaso site because I'm not supposed to. I will send a C.D with a lot of pics soon, I promise! Please be patient! I am sorry! :)

And that's about it I am out of time! Sorry I didn't get to write more! I love you guys! Please thank Auntie Lynn for her birthday letter, I got it last week! Please tell her I love her and I'm doing great! Thanks for everything guys! Have a great week!

Mahal kita!

Elder Chris Gagnon!

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