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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sick with LBM?

Hey Guys!

This week was alright! I was actually sick Monday to Thursday with LBM. I'll let you guys look that one up ;) Anyways work wasn't the best this week, but at the same time it was, haha. I'll explain!

So on Tuesday I got really sick. It actually started the night before but it pretty much went on Tuesday too. We left late so we only had time to contact someone we had an appointment with that was an hour away from where we lived, and she couldn't see us at that time. BUT! On our way there we met this awesome Sister who used to be a member. She was a stake missionary and worked with the missionaries as a translator. Her english is the best I have heard any Filipino speak. We plan on getting to her next week because this week she is out of town, but she is way nice. We just found her on the street on the way to our appointment. It was soooooo cool! She's really nice. After that we did a bit of magfinding! We didn't have a whole lot of success but we went back to this one house that we went to before, they were too busy to hear our message before though. Anyways we shared with them the plan of salvation because Brothers baby died when he was an infant. What's really kool about this is there were quite a few people there. So we spent time getting to know some of them and while Elder Nye was speaking to the Father, I was speaking to this older woman. And guess what? I found out that she has a sister whose Mormon! What's even cooler is she lives in MONTREAL! So if you ever see Sister Rodolf, please tell her we are teaching her sister! :) She seemed interested and wanted us to come back, we did but she hasn't been there.... We plan on going back tomorrow night! Anyways that was it for Tuesday!

Wednesday we had splits because Elder Nye is district leader. So I worked with Elder Cardova, from Bacolad. He doesn't speak any english and he doesn't slow down when he speaks Tagalog. Haha! I think the language is coming along pretty well because we didn't have any problems. We taught a few lessons that day. There was one in particular I really enjoyed. I contacted these two ladies on the street, one of them said "Sure, come in". So we went through this gate to her house and we're greeted by like 20 people! Haha! So I taught the lesson and everyone seemed really interested and loved us. They asked when we would come back. And I did with Elder Nye on Friday, but I'll get there later. Later on we taught a new investigator named Randy, whose kool, He wants to know about why we're here, and what's our purpose on earth, so we're teaching him the Plan of Salvation.

Thursday. Still being sick, we got out late that day again. I was still working with Elder Cardova. We went finding for a while, found some people who were interested and heard a small message from us. We taught Melanie, the woman who read up to 2 Nephi. She wanted to know what she should do because she feels bad when she smokes, and drinks. We taught her about repentance, because she was pretty much asking how. When she asked me, I kind of asked her that question. I love doing that! People ask "what should I do?" After that I usually ask them, "Well what do you think you should do." They always give a good answer too :) It was a good lesson, I never taught that one before. I love teaching Melanie she's doing great, she's even marking her Book of Mormon now. She highlighted verses she likes and verses she has questions about. She's doing GREAT! Anyways then we taught one of our old investigators for an hour and 20 minutes only to find out that she wasn't interested. Later on there was a huge ulan! So we also had to go home early because the appointments we had were all outside kind of.... So yea, probably one of the worst days of my mission...LBM is not good! I hated getting out late those three days....

Friday Elder Nye came back and Elder Cardova went back to his area. We went finding on Friday, and taught that big family again. This time there were even more people listening. There were actually tons.... We taught them, they said they loved us and told us we're sooo real and stuff. It was nice to hear. They also asked me how many years I had been in the Philippines. I told them I was only there for 2 months and they were really surprised! Haha. I have been hearing that a lot more lately. I don't think I'm fluent in Tagalog yet though. I have a goal to be fully fluent by the end of next transfer though. :) After that we did more finding. Then Elder Nye and I both felt that we should go to visit Sister Canada, even though we didn't really know why. We got there and she was telling us about how her daughter left Thursday and didn't call or anything and didn't come back, so she said she was tired because she didn't get any sleep or anything the night before and she was worried. She was actually crying. It was sad. I gave her a blessing of comfort which was just so good. I said it in Tagalog too. It was good. She thanked us. We have a FHE night with her on Friday.

Saturday. Another good day. We taught Theresa, she said she might be leaving this week. It's not for sure. We gave her the invitation to come to church. Then we taught Melanie and Pacita (she's always been there, doesn't participate as much as Melanie, but progressing.) about faith which went great. We invited them to church too. Then we taught that large group that we first contacted on Wednesday. I brought a bag of Book of Mormons and as soon as I opened my bag everyone crowded around and wanted one. We gave away 9 after that lesson. Of course we invited them to church. Oh and all of those lessons we set up family home evening nights, so we have one every night this week from Tuesday to Friday. I'm really excited for all of them! We have one with Juliet and her family and another family that is friends with her family! GREAT!

Sunday came along. Reminded a few people about church, like Melanie, Pacita and Theresa. Theresa came with us which was great! We got one investigator to church, But she might be leaving. So this is the best part of the week for sure. We're sitting down in sacrament, and then 4 investigators from that big group came. It was so amazing. So this week we had 5 investigators at sacrament! I was soooo happy! So was the ward. Brother Yang got really excited. He said it's been a while since so many investigators were there. That same day, Elder Nye finally organized the date for our fireside for giving away a Book of Mormon. It's going to be on June 12th. We're going to teach 3 wards how to give away a Book of Mormon. And why it's important and stuff. Then right before we left the Bishop stopped us and asked us if we could give a talk this week in sacrament. So we are! Exciting! It's on missionary work of course. I'm going to be the closing speaker too. I have to figure out which part about missionary work I'm going to be doing too. It should go well!

Anyways there was more on Sunday, but I don't really have time to write everything. There's so much I dont have time to write! haha!

Anyways I'm doing great! Crazy busy! No longer sick!

I'm so happy. I really am! I love being on my mission! We bought Dorian, which is a fruit that is really expensive. I'll take a picture of it. It's really kool! I gotta get off the comp now! I hope everyone is doing great! Thanks for everything guys! I love you!

Elder Chris Gagnon

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