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Monday, June 6, 2011

Last week was great and not great...I'm still happy of course! :D

Hey Guys!

Sister Howard is getting out of the hospital this week! I thought I said what happened, but I guess I didn't.... About the 2nd week into my mission, Sister Howard got an infection in the pancreas. I don't actually know all the details, but it got a whooooole lot worse. The doctors actually told President Howard to fly his children over here to Manila because it might be the last time they could see their mother. They also told him that there was a 60% chance of her not living. So President Howard has been extremely stressed,of course. But just a few weeks ago, with a lot of prayers from all the missionaries, and blessings given from President Howard to her AND the First Presidency of the church has been praying for her, she started getting better and last Saturday she was able to walk and take her first shower in 2 months! People at the hospital, whenever they see President Howard, they refer to him as "the husband of the miracle patient". It really is amazing that she lived. They are both finishing their mission next transfer I think. I know next transfer, which is next week, President Stookey is starting, but I think President Howard stays for that transfer or at least half, in order to train the new guy. I'm going to miss President Howard so much.

Anyways last week was great and not great....I'm still happy of course! :D

Last Monday, we did not have our P-day, it was on Wednesday. Last Monday we went looking for an apartment for 2 Elders in our district because they are getting kicked out of theirs....So that's pretty much what we did for that day until about 6:00. We found one really nice one that they were supposed to move into today, but the person called them and said NO. Which is NOT good because they do not have any other apartments and they are getting kicked out this week. The apartment they have there is horrible haha. It's really bad, loud! They have one room which is their laundry, cooking, eating, studying, dishes. Everything. Haha... It's really bad. They needed a new one. The reason they are getting kicked out is because the people in charge of the apartments, one of the senior couples, said they won't pay for that apartment because it's horrible. I think it even leaks now.... It's bad. Anyways after we went looking for an apartment we went to a family home evening at a member's house with a few recent converts that we organized for last week. It was fun, played guitar, ate spaghetti, and shared a message from 2 Nephi 5 about being happy!

Last Tuesday we had interviews with the President in Buendia. So we went there and did that. He told us that Sister Howard was getting better and expressed the importance of talking to everyone. Which was good. Then I had my interview. It's not big or anything. It was good though. He asked me to share a scripture with him so I shared 1 Cor 13:13 which I use a lot when we teach someone about charity. It's one of my favorite scriptures. Charity is also my favorite thing to share about. It really is the most important thing for everything. We spoke about how I was doing and stuff. He said there is a good chance I am getting transferred next week because Elder Nye will probably be training. So this week might be my last in San Pedro
2nd... After that we visited a few people but no one could see us.....We were actually about to share with the Adelina group but one guy just started yelling at us and said "ayaw ko, ayaw ko!" which means "I don't want, I don't want!" We don't know what happened. We havent been able to share with them since, because no one is around....

Last Wednesday was P-day. We got up at 4 and went to the Temple because it was temple day for the city missionaries. It felt great to go, we went to the 6 o'clock session. I love going there! I also got to see Elder Morris. I hope him and I become companions. Or Elder Comish and I. I don't really want to get transfered though.... Anyways after the temple we got food. Oh by the way, the week we got dorian, it was NOT GOOD. It smelled, it made the apartment stink, even though it was in the fridge, and it tasted horrible. We gave it to our neighbors. Because they like it. Haha. It was sooooooooo bad. I was disappointed. But this week we tried Lychee. And it was good. This week we bought Dragon fruit again because Elder Nye hasn't tried it yet. So we're going to eat that later. Fruit here is amazing! That's pretty much it for last Wednesday, We also emailed and did laundry. And that's it!

Last Thursday was bad, we went to all of our investigators and none of them could see us, not Melanie, Juliet, Ronnie, Pacita, the Adelina group, no one....We tried talking to a ton of new people and no one wanted to listen, they were all busy. They would come up with bad excuses too. Someone actually told us, "I'm cooking rice." Ugh. Haha. That night we had an F.H.E at Sister Boco's house with the Fabia family, and the Canada family. Sister Canada's daughter still hasn't come back and she hasn't heard anything from her either. It was good though. I played guitar, of course :). And we sang some hymns. And we shared a message about prayer and played games. And ate spaghetti. It was fun.

On Friday we visited Tatay Lito. He was saying the day before that he hadn't eaten in a while because he has no job, so we bought him 3 kilos of rice. He was really happy! We shared with him after, and well....he just doesn't understand. He has different views about God and how he works. One of his questions was "do we worship, Lord? Or God?" He has different ideas about things. We tried visiting everyone again. But again. No one was around. We taught like so little lessons this week. It was bad. We spoke to over 50 people though that day. No one we shared with would give a return date. Because they don't want to promise to be there and then not be there....

Saturday we finally got to share with Ronnie. He hasn't read or prayed yet. He wants us to keep coming back though. He didn't come to church this week. After him we went finding, had no success, then we had a Birthday party/DA at the Yangs. We watched the Joseph smith movie and ate, and played scrabble. It was fun they had prizes for scabble, we played on teams. There were the missionaries, which was the sister missionaries in San Pedro 1st,Sister Anjum, Sister Fabrigas, then there were the Elders in San Pedro 1st, our room mates Elder Jimenez and Elder Eduria, and Of course Elder Nye and myself. We got last! haha. So we got the worst prize, but then everyone gave us their prizes...even though we told them not to. There was like a box of cookies, Powdered chocolate milk, and little snacks and stuff. So after that we went home, and then opened our fast.

Sunday we had no one at church again. We taught Ronnie before we went and visited the Adelina group, but no one came. After church we went home, broke our fast. Then I got sick from the Adobo we cooked.... So that was about it for that day. It was probably the worst week so far in terms of our investigators. We have no progressing investigators this week. It was soooooo bad. We're going to try and find new ones. We also called Juliet last night and she said that she doesn't want to meet because of personal problems. So we told her if there's anything she needs she can always call us. She said she would text for our next appointment.....

So yea, it was a rough week. We plan on talking to over 200 people this week and finding new solid people to teach. That's our big focus. We will visit some of our other investigators, but we will be more focused on finding. Oh and buying a guitar is allowed, I asked President Howard before I bought it. He just said make sure it's not a distraction. He also let us watch Lion King today as a district activity. So we did as a district. It was good. Haha. He said the rule is that if it is either a F.H.E at a members or P-day and if it is a Disney movie, we are allowed to watch it. After we watched Lion King, we came here and now I'm emailing! Haha.

Yes Theresa's house is 10 feet above the ground, and no I didn't really clean my shoes, I know...gross. But we were really in a rush and it was raining, so it probably got washed off. If not, oh well!

Anyways I'm running out of time. So that's about it for now. I'm going to try sending pics now! I brought my camera and we're at a different internet cafe! So I hope this works! ....p.s. It didn't...they came through as DAT files?! Nancy:(

Tell Justin I said "Happy Birthday"! Please thank Auntie Lynn for her birthday card!! Thanks for everything!

Mahal ko kayo!

Elder Chris Gagnon

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