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Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 2nd, 2012

Ocean baptism in Naic
Cavite Zone activity
Brother Don's baptism
Hello! Last week was another fantastic week. Brother Arnie Rojas got baptized yesterday. It was one of the best baptismal services ever. A lot of people were crying because it was just such an emotional service. Sister Rojas was really crying because she had been married to him for 15 years and had been inactive for most of that time, but had been praying that her husband would be taught and join the church. I actually almost cried. It was really amazing. We are so happy for the Rojas family. They are really amazing. Brother Arnie asked that I baptize him and right before we got in the water he just started telling me how excited he was to be baptized and everything. It was really amazing! Actually last week something that is pretty cool is that Brother Arnie is looking to go work abroad and his goal is to eventually get him and his family to........CANADA! He really wants to move to Alberta. So I thought it would be funny if he did end up going soon and got see the other Elder Gagnon :) Something also really exciting was Sister Quilloy, who we taught just a few weeks ago came back into activity in the church. She has just completely changed since the first time we met her. It's really amazing what can happen to a person when they repent and come back to church. She has changed a lot. Her kids will also be returned to activity next week. Then we also have Brother Cuenca, who was the first branch president of General Trias, return to activity next week and then the Biocus kids who will return to activity in 2 weeks. Their father,Brother Joel, will also be baptized in 2 weeks. So things are going really awesome! The Albao family is still doing good. They really want to be taught be they don't have a lot of time... They were not able to come to church last week. Be they still have their goal date for this December. We also found another family, the Perez family. Sister wasn't too interested in the message, but Brother Larry, who is a seaman, was. He actually invited us in to share a message, so we did. He also told us how much he wanted to be closer to God and shared some trials he is currently going through. We went back to him again and taught him the restoration and gave him a baptismal date for January 5. Hopefully everything goes good and we can get his family to listen as well. He came to church last week too for the first two hours. Also another great thing that happened last week was Brother Don received the Priesthood. It was cool. They are now looking to get him a calling or responsibility. So things are really picking up and doing great in the General Trias ward! :D That's about it though for this week. OH! We had a trainer's meeting last week, so I got to see Elder Villa and my Grandson! :D And that's about all that happened last week. It was really great and I hope you guys have a really awesome week! Take care! Mahal ko kayo! :D Elder Gagnon

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