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Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 26th, 2012

Hello family! Last week was a good week for the most part. I don't have too much to write today because we spoke yesterday. It was a bit of a hard week because everyone was so busy going to other places for family. Things are still going really good though. :D The Albao family wasn't able to go to church last Sunday, so we were a bit sad about that. Their baptism is moved to January 19th. So is brother Chris'. So hopefully, those will be my last few baptisms before I go home. Brother Chris is doing really great. He really wants to get baptized. We ate at their house last night for Christmas and shared a message about Christmas. We also went to the Rojas' family's house yesterday. They are doing amazing. Brother Arnie will be getting the priesthood this Sunday. Actually we dropped by their house yesterday, we saw him reading a manual about the family! It was really cool to see. They are also coming with us to the temple tour this coming Saturday. This will be my last temple tour in the mission. It's kinda sad. Haha. Last week we also had a Christmas party at the ward. It was really fun and every auxillary did the Gangnam style dance. It was funny. Anyways. I'm really sorry this email is so short. I will have more to say when I come home in a few weeks! :D Anyways gotta go! I love you guys! Elder Gagnon

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