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Monday, June 11, 2012

June 4th, 2012

Dinner Appointment we had at the Dimacali home! :D This is the Makati zone, without the office elders...(I was the only one who didn't know we weren't doing wacky faces or poses. Hehe.) This pic is of the elders on Coron, Elder Anderson and Elder Partridge who slept at our apartment one night. This is Elder Munk and I (with the office elders, Elder Gadberry and Elder Pugmire) at zone conference. We have the same birthday and we got called to celebrate our birthday during the zone conference. Hello Family! This week was really great, we had 2 big meetings, a zone conference and Zone leaders council. Both were really great. We also got a ton of rain last week. There was a day where it was kind of a flood. It was a small flood but still a flood. We ended up going home because it was close and we took our flip flops, rolled up our pants and got to work. There was a lot of rain. It went down after a while though. :) We weren't able to teach a whole lot of lessons last week because of all the meetings and stuff. We still had 8 investigators at church though. Which was awesome! :D Sheilla is still doing really great, we weren't able to teach her but we were able to talk with her over the phone and she is doing awesome! We were also able to speak with Albert and he really wants to get baptized, but he has to stop smoking, so that is where we are with him. We actually have an appointment with him later and hopefully it will go really well. Oh yea, about Steve Martin. We aren't sure what happened. He was really on fire when we first met him and was doing amazing. He actually just disappeared and we don't know where he is. His store is no longer around and we never see him on the corner of our street.... :( Last Tuesday we had our zone meeting. It went really well. We discussed one of my favorite lines in PMG "You cannot convert someone beyond your own conversion" P.182 I think of PMG the last sentence of the 1st paragraph. One of the thoughts I had about that when I was in my first transfer that I wrote down was that "the first convert of your mission should be yourself". So we kind of dicussed that for a while and then we taught about how we can better understand things so that we could teach about things more clearly. Then we had the zone split into 2 groups and identify the "What" and "Why" of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and The Principle of Repentence. Then they shared what they wrote down and I will make a typed copy of what they wrote and give it to the zone. I had a drawing for how we can understand things more clearly, I will show it when I get home. It was a good lesson though. We also discussed the Priesthood for the zone that hasn't yet been ordained. We set a goal that all 1 year converts that can have the priesthood will be ordained by the end of this month. When we made the goal there were a few who said that there are some 1 year converts, that can be priesthood holders, who don't want to be taught or come back to church. So we decided as a zone to fast for them. I really want to make this goal and I know that Makati is definitely able to do it! Well, the other meetings we had were really great. At zone conference, President Stucki spoke about how we need to be always finding new people to teach and we need to be more balanced with finding and teaching. Finding is actually going to be the focus for this whole month of June. So for the practices we did, we practiced a few different finding situations, but we had to do it in English! It was really weird, because I'm not used to teaching or talking or doing any missionary work in English. It was super weird. For the first practice we just had to talk with someone we met on the street, find common ground and get a return appointment. There were 3 other zones at this conference and this practice was a one on one thing. So the cool thing was I ended up getting paired with.....Elder Glodo! Hehe. He's such an awesome missionary. He also goes home really soon, not this transfer, but the next transfer. He is doing great though. I love Elder Glodo. Then for the other practices, it was done in companionships. I got paired with Elder Meyer, he is pretty new in the mission and he is from Indonesia! He's a great missionary. We just practiced talking with less actives and trying to share a message with them for the first time. :D At the end of the conference, the missionaries going home either this transfer or next transfer bore their testimony. There were so many! Elder Berse, Sister Gupta, and Elder Glodo and a lot of others who I know bore their testimony. I was surprised. There's a lot of missionaries going home this transfer... Makati will actually be losing an area because of all the missionaries going home. :( Then last Friday was ZLC. It was really good. President showed a video about football. It's in the movie Facing the Giants and it's when the coach makes the captain do a death crawl. Anyways, he showed that, which was awesome, then at the end President said, "Elders you are the most influential missionaries on the team." It was really epic and the spirit was so strong. Anyways it was a great zone conference and President now expects the zone leaders to baptize every month and hit 73% of the standards of excellence. We're doing pretty good. The last week of the month we were one of the only zone leaders to hit 73% of the standards of excellence. President asked us to stand and then he shook our hands and congratulated us. There were only 4 that got 73%, Cavite(Elder Comish and Duero), Dasmarinas, Makati(Us), and Puerto. I felt so motivated to work really hard and really do my best. It was a great ZLC. Something new though that Elder Comish and I suggested during the ZLC was that the zone meetings should be the week after ZLC instead of the week before so we can share what we learned with the zone right away. Anyways, we now have another zone meeting which we have to prepare for tomorrow so that will be awesome! It's going to be more focused on finding people to teach. Anyways I love my mission! I love everything about it. It's really amazing! I'm really excited for Justin to send in his papers. Just make sure he reads a chapter from the Book Of Mormon, A Chapter from the New testament and a little bit of Preach My Gospel everyday and he will be great! I'm actually going to try and send him an email today. President said it was actually ok for us to email all of our family. So I'm going to try and get an email out to Justin. Anyways, that is about it for this week. I hope you're all doing amazing and I hope you have an amazing week. Take care! Love you! Elder Chris Gagnon

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