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Monday, June 25, 2012

Week of June 18th, 2012

Hello Family! This week was really good. We found a bunch of new people and we're really increasing our investigator pool which is really what we wanted to do. It's going really well. Last week though Elder Berse got sick so there was one day where we were not able to get as much work done as we wanted to, which was too bad. :( Last week, we had Elder Querubin sleep at our house. He is the zone leader in Puerto and he had to go back home to Ireland because he had a problem with his Visa. So we met him at the mission office last Monday and then he slept at our house that night, came to district meeting the next day, then went home. Haha. He came back last Saturday though. Last Saturday night after stake conference, we went to a place called Burger avenue and they have this challenge where if you can eat this burger in under 5 minutes, you get the burger for free. The burger was HUGE though. I almost finished it, Elder Berse didn't come close, and Elder Querubin ate the whole thing in like 3 minutes. So he got the burger for free, and he got his picture taken, which they will post on a wall. Haha. Anyways, Elder Querubin is a really cool missionary, he was born and grew up here, but moved to Ireland when he was like 10 then came back to serve a mission. When he speaks english though he has an Irish accent, but in Tagalog it's like Filipino, so it's funny. haha. Last week we had stake conference. Last Saturday we had the Adult and Priesthood session and then on Sunday we had a broadcast from Salt Lake which was really good. It was to everyone who lives in Luzon Philippines. Elder Tom Perry spoke about the role of fathers and how important it is and stuff. It was a really good conference. Last week we were able to teach Albert and he is doing really well and will be baptized in July if he can work out his problems with the word of wisdom. :) We also have Carlo getting baptized this Saturday! It will be a good baptism. We are also teaching people who live near to Carlo who are also doing really well. We were not able to teach Sheila last week though which was too bad. Hopefully this week we will be able to teach her. She has been really busy though. Also, last week, we had a new Elder come into the zone. He is in a threesome with Elder Fisher and Elder Bueno in Mandaluyong 1B. He has been really sick though. So they have to keep him near a hospital. His name is Elder Swainson and he is from CANADA! :D Hehe. I got to go on exchanges with him and Elder Fisher last week in their area. He was really sick though, which is too bad. Last week the work in that area was really low and it was because they weren't able to work because Elder Swainson was always sick... This is Elder Berse's last week this week. So next week, him and 3 others from the Makati zone will go home. Since Elder Fisher's companion, Elder Bueno and my companion are going home, I will probably be with him for a few days. Also, since Elder Bueno was the district leader and won't be there to teach District meeting, I will get to teach the district meeting in Mandaluyong on the Tuesday which I'm actually pretty excited for. I haven't taught a district meeting since I've been on Palawan. I've taught zone meetings, but district meeting is different because it's smaller and there are less people and no announcements from President or anything. It will be fun! :D Well that's about it for this week. I don't have a lot of time left to email. Happy Fathers Day Dad! I have a Fathers Day pic that I will need to pick up. I don't have it with me now but I will email it next week. I love you Dad! I love all of you and hope you have an amazing week! :D Elder Chris Gagnon!

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