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Friday, March 16, 2012

Only 4 Canadians in the mission...

We had a great week in Makati! Things are going great!
Elder Duerro and I just got back from SM which is a really
big mall. We went to their department store and there's a bunch
of stuff. I'm pretty sure that was one of the malls that your
friend was talking about. Haha. We spent a really long time
looking at ties because they have so many nice ties. We both
bought one. It's nice to be in Makati because everything is so
fast and convenient. I also bought a new dictionary today
because the one they gave us in the MTC is too small and I
know most of the words in it. So today I bought a big
dictionary and a little Cebuano dictionary. Elder Duero
is from Cebu so I thought I would start learning Cebuano
this transfer! Haha.

Last week was really good. We got to teach district meeting
which was on "To begin teaching." We really emphasized
not just starting the lesson but actually introducing the
lesson to the investigator to show them how it will have
a personnel relevance for them. It was pretty good. What
I usually like to do for practice in district meetings is have
missionaries give me their planners then I pick a name in
there and have them practice what they will be teaching
later on that day so then later that day they can teach
what they practiced. It was a pretty good meeting. Next
week we're going to be going to Mandaluyong district for
Elder Koochins (who is also from Canada) District meeting.
Then on Wednesday I get to work with Elder Koochin in his
area. That will be kool because I've never worked with
another Canadian before. There are only 4 of us in the mission.

Last week we also had zone leaders conference, or ZLC.
It was really cool. It's just a really big discussion about
everything that is going on in the mission and it's with
all the zone leaders. I got to see Elder Comish again. Haha.
His companion is really cool. His name is Elder Labinpuno
and he actually took my place when Elder Nye trained in
San Pedro. He is 2 transfers younger than me and he is
really talented. Him and I were in a group that had to think
of ways where we can help all the missionaries in the
mission become Preach My Gospel Missionaries. How we did
that was the zone leaders went into groups of 4 then we
just discussed concerns and questions that President Stucki
has and then we presented ideas and things to the rest
of the zone leaders and President. The whole mission right
now is really focused on going to the rescue and finding less
active members. We have a mission goal to re-activate 1700
less active members by the end of this year, which is
the equivalent of a strong stake. So far we have a few
people coming back here in Makati. So far I think the
whole mission is at 400 or something... It's going pretty well. :)

Oh, my ward here in Makati is Makati 2nd. These last 2
weeks everyone has been asking what happened to the sisters,
because it was been sisters in this area for 5 or 6 years.
so yea. Haha. I love this area though. We have a lot of
potential. We now have 2 baptisms that are happening this
week on Saturday and then one more the next Saturday on
March 17th! So we are really excited for that. Also, this
tatay, Brother Suva who we have been working with, whose
wife and part of his family are members came to church
last week for the first time ever! We were super happy
about that. Missionaries have worked with him forever!
And he finally came to church. His wife was really happy
and told Elder Duero and I that she is really happy that
we are teaching him. Getting baptized this week is Sister
Rose Mar and Tatay Zaldy. Tatay Zaldy is one of the coolest
people ever. I don't have a lot of time to write everything.
But I love this guy and he is going to be a really strong
member and future leader of the church.

I don't have a lot more to write about or a whole lot more
time. I have so many things to fill out here on the computer.
I had exchanges with Elder Pasqual last week who actually
isn't even assigned in our mission. He is from Mindanao but
he will be serving in Utah Salt Lake City mission. He is a
funny guy. Haha. He will do great in Utah. It's just weird
because he leaves half way through this transfer. So yea.
I'm not sure what's going to happen to his companion,
Elder Malit. We will just know what we just know when we
get to that point. Also, the stake president does not own
that hotel. Actually when we were there it was with the
1st councillor of the bishopric and he just works there
but is like a boss I believe. He is a really nice guy.
We had a family home evening there last weekend. I didn't
get any pictures though. I'm sorry! :(

Actually I didn't take a whole lot of pics last week.
It's been super busy. I will try to send some though. :)
Thank you so much for all your prayers. I hope this week
will be a good one. There's a few baptisms happening and
I have a baptismal interview. So hopefully everything is
going great! Thank you so much for everything! I love all
of you so much! Have a great week!

Love you!

Elder Chris Gagnon!

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