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Monday, July 4, 2011

We have 12 committed to baptism!

Chris with his monkey friend

On top of the castle in Roxas

The castle in Roxas

Hey guys!

This week was amazing! We had a ton of successes! It really went great! We found some new great investigators and our progressing investigators are really starting to progress very well! Elder Glodo and I are both really excited for all of them! By the way, Happy Canada day!

Monday was great, we had a FHE at Sister Lee's, a lot of our investigators were there and the kids even attended seminary that night and continued to for the rest of the week! There's 4 of them, Rocel, Stephanie, April and Caren.

Tuesday! I think I wrote more last Tuesday in my journal than any other day on my whole mission. It was a really good day! First Sister Anne came to our apartment because she wanted a blessing of comfort because she was leaving that day to Manila. So Elder Glodo gave her a blessing, then we said good-bye and that was it. Then we went to the palengke to buy food, and over there we met Sister Aurino who ended up having us over for lunch. While at the palengke we got a referral from President Bayaras. So we went to Nanay Aurino's house and she fed us lunch which was really good, we shared a small message with her and spoke for a bit. She knew Brother May (my MTC teacher), he had actually been to her house when he was an A.P here in the Manila mission with Brother Perry(one of the MTC tutors.) She said they were both really smart and great at Tagalog. So after that we went to Marilou's and went over the baptismal interview questions with her and she did great. While we were teaching her, a neighbor of hers named Larry (who was at church last week)was there. He was taught by the missionaries a long time ago, but left to Puerto and now he is back in Roxas and wants to be taught again. He was so excited he asked if he could be baptized with Marilou on the 9th. Of course that cannot happen because we have to make sure he is prepared and everything. So after that we went to Tatay Guillermo's house and set a return appointment for the next day. While walking away from his house, I saw a kid about my age and he was carrying 2 huge things of water, so I offered to help. I took one and brought it to his house. His name is Marc Joseph. We shared a message with him, his cousin, and his parents. It went great, we shared a message about families. Then right when we left and I shook his hand he said (in Tagalog) "Come back". So that was great! I was happy:) After that we went finding and only taught one lesson. Then we taught one more lesson to 5 teenagers whose grandmother is a member. They are all about 15-16. At the end of the lesson one of them prayed and they already knew how and they understood the lesson perfectly. It was a really great day!

Wednesday was another great day. We taught Tatay Guillermo, his wife and his granddaughter, Rocel and 2 of her friends about faith and repentance. Then we taught Brother Alfred, Sister Lee and her mom, Erlinda, about faith and repentance. Both lessons went really well. After that we went finding and found one new investigator named Amor. Later on we went with a few of our investigators to seminary but when we got to the church we found out it was cancelled! :( That night we had a DA at the Cordero family. Brother Cordero used to be the branch president. We had fried chicken and rice and a bunch of other stuff I cannot even remember..... Haha after we ate we shared a message about faith!

Thursday, we taught Marilou about the law of fast and asked her if she was ready for her baptismal interview next week. She said she was! Which is great, we were really excited for her. After we taught Marilou, we taught Brother Larry about prophets. I asked him to read something and that was when we found out, he cannot read. So I read it for him and we continued teaching. He still really wants to be baptized. After Larry we went and taught Marc Joseph and his family. His family wasn't there but he was, so we taught him about prophets and that also went really really well. He really listens, our lessons with him are great. After that we went with our investigators to seminary and there were more investigators there then there were members! Haha. We had 5 of our investigators there and there were 3 members :P Haha. After that we went to Mhel, he is 14 has been to church a few times and is the grandson of Sister Arcenas. He wanted to learn about the Gospel so we taught him the message of the restoration, and committed him to baptism on the 23rd of July! We're super excited for him also, he already has a lot of friends at church and already goes to all the activities. He's a really smart guy.

Friday! Marilou had her interview with the Zone leaders and it went great! She passed of course and everything was great for next week on the 9th! After we taught her we went to Tatay Guillermo, Merlinda and Rocel taught them about baptism and the Holy Ghost. They were really excited about it. It was a very good lesson. We gave them a date also on the 23rd of July and we are really excited for them. They are all really amazing investigators who just love the Church. Again, we're really excited for them and their decision, Tatay wants his kids to be baptized too, but they are not in Roxas. After that we taught Amor again, it went alright, she is very nice but doesn't really say much. After that we went to seminary again with our investigators, and our next appointment was supposed to be at John Paul(his mother is a member but he isn't baptized, his mother wants him to be baptized so we have to start teaching him.) We spoke to his mother that night and we set a date for John Paul also, on the 23rd of July. After seminary, we went to those 5 kids that we had taught the other night. We taught them about prophets, but this time there were only 4 of the kids, which was alright, the lesson went very well and they all said they would come to church on Saturday.

Saturday was another great day! In the morning we went to Sister Lee's, and we found out that Alfred actually left and he is gone for 2 weeks. So that is really too bad. But we did teach her, her mother Erlinda, Stephanie, April, and Caren. We taught them about Baptism and the Holy Ghost and committed them all for the 23rd of July! So we're really excited for them, they have all been great, they went to seminary every day and they are all good friends with the members in the branch. After them we went to Marc Joseph's. He wasn't there but his brother was and we taught him a small lesson about the plan of salvation. We found out that their Sister had died a few years ago. So that is why we taught that lesson. After that we taught Tatay Guillermo, Rocel and Nanay about enduring to the end and again, that went great! They are really excited for the 23rd. We went finding for a little while and taught a few lessons. Later on we went to the house with 5 investigators and there were only 2 there. I should probably say their names haha. There is Jeffrey, Marise, Cricel, and Caren. We taught them about Christ's earthly ministry, and it went really well. And that was about it for that day.

Sunday. We went to church and 13 of our investigators were there! There was Anthony, the husband of a member of our church, who we didn't even get to visit that week, Lee, April, Erlinda, Guillermo, Marlinda, Rocel, Stephanie, John Paul, Marise, Jeffrey, Cricel and Mhel. It was great! We were happy to see them there! BUT! Marilou wasn't there. So we have to postpone her baptism till July 23rd, which is pretty unfortunate. We went on splits that day, I worked with Chris. I went to Marilou's house and told her it had to be postponed. Unfortunatly, Larry also didn't go to church. We did teach him that day though. He now has a baptismal date on the 30th. After that we visited some inactive members and taught Mel about the Book of Mormon. All in all it was a great week. We have 12 commited to baptism, 11 on the
23rd and we're really excited for all of them!

So yea! Things are pretty busy here! But I am really happy especially for our investigators, they are all really excited. I'm happy for all of them. Things sound like they are going great at home. Please congratulate Patrick and Anik on their wedding. Sister Howard is home now. Last I heard she was doing great! There are a ton of changes taking place here with the new mission president that I learned about today at district meeting. I don't have time to talk about them all though. The mission is really changing though.

Anyways that is about it for this week. I love you all so much! Thank you so much for all of your support! Till next week!


Elder Chris Gagnon!

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