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Friday, July 29, 2011

Hey guys!

Last week was great! As you're probably wondering, I stayed here in Roxas and I am super happy I got to. I was worried that maybe Elder Glodo and I would get transferred. Unfortunately this email is probably going to be a little short because I don't remember much of what happened last week. So I'm going to just write some really awesome things that happened.

So last Monday we had district meeting, it was the last time we would see Elder Hart, one of our zone leaders. He is now home, which is kool. He was a really good zone leader. After that we had our last zone lunch at Jollibee, which is like the Pinoy version of Mcdo. I don't like it too much. Haha. After that we went to a mall, bought food for the week and I also got a shirt...And that's about it.

Tuesday I honestly cannot remember what we did. I didn't write it anywhere. I was not diligent in keeping my journal last week:(

Wednesday we worked with the Teaching Assistants. I got to work with Elder Taylor, it was really kool. He is such a great missionary. I learned a ton from him. We taught Larry that day about the law of chastity. His baptism is being pushed back till the 13th of August because he was sick and couldn't go to church last week. Then we taught Lee and Alfred who is back but left last Sunday to work again. We taught the restoration and we set a date for both of them to be married and baptized. It will be on the 13th of August along with April. We were not able to visit her parents. We're are going the next Saturday. She is really ready though. She's awesome. After we taught them we visited Tatay Guillermo and Marlinda to see how they were doing and I shared from 2 Nep 5. That's my favorite scripture to share from. It's about happiness. Actually can you guys find all the things that Nephi and his family did to live after the manner of happiness? Let's see how many things you guys can find. Read the whole chapter and try to find all the things :P. So we shared with them, Elder Taylor was impressed, he thought I had been out 4 transfers and he was talking about how good my Tagalog was, then I told him I was only on my third and he was really surprised. We found 2 more investigators. They both went really well. It was a really great day.

Thursday and Friday we found a new investigator who has a ton of questions. His name is Alejandro and his parents were actually the first people baptized in Taytay. I like teaching him a lot. We taught him with Sister Rose. She is great. She answers his questions for us which is like the perfect situation. It should be members answering the investigators questions. It was really great. She has a really strong testimony of the church. Anyways he came to church last week. He had questions there too. I can't remember anything else from those days.....

Saturday there was a youth activity. We went there and then after we went to Sister Lee's with Mel, and Chris. Mel is awesome, he wants to go on a mission so bad and he is always asking us when he can work with us. It's hard sometimes though. The members here are amazing. Elder Glodo worked with other youth and they went to see Jeffrey, Caren and Cricel. They all came to church too. We plan on giving them a baptism date this week or next.

Sunday was Elder Glodo's last Sunday. We found out in the morning that he was transferring but we didn't know where. So we just visited a few members that day and everything went well. He has been here for a while now. I think about 4 months. That night we had a party for the Thomas' because they are leaving on Thursday. So we went to Puerto and had transfer announcements. Elder Glodo found out that he was going to Las Pinas which is my old zone. Then Monday night, President Stucki congratulated him on becoming a new zone leader. So not only is he going to my old zone, but his is going to be in the same house that I stayed in and in the same chapel I was in. He is nervous. He didn't think he would be a zone leader. He was surprised.

Monday and Tuesday I cleaned in Puerto, the zone leaders are moving so we had to get everything out of their apartment, so Elder Staples, Elder Baltazar and I did that. I had to wait till Wednesday to come back to Roxas. Later on we went to a dinner appointment at a restaurant with Puerto's investigators. The next day we taught a lesson to an investigator in the zone leaders area. It went well. I worked with Elder Staples both days.

Then today, I said goodbye to Elder Glodo. I'm going to miss him. He was a good companion. Then I said hello to Elder Chiong! He is from Mindanao and he is actually Elder Morris' last companion. He is a district leader here. He seems really kool. We're still getting to know each other. He has been on his mission for almost 9 months now. I think this transfer is going be great!

I spoke to President Bayaras and he has an idea for an area that should be opened up. So we're going over there tonight to figure things out and whatnot. It's going to be a great transfer here in Roxas!

I love you all so much! And thanks for all your support. I have to go know! Gotta get to Pres Bayaras' tonight. I'll send pics next week, I promise and sorry this email is really scattered!

Love you!

Elder Chris Gagnon

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