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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Week 8 and the last day at the MTC!

Elder Tomasi, Elder Gagnon and Elder Johnson

Left to right: Elder Comish, Elder Gagnon, Elder Leishman, Elder Andrus, Elder Morris, Elder Tomasi and Elder Tuitama

Hey Everyone! Well, today's my last day sa MTC! It was a great last week. I'll tell you what I did....BUT first before I forget, can I change my plaque scripture to 2Tim 4:2 or Galatians 5:13. Thanks!

So last Mondays ZTA, was our last one and it went pretty well. We had health meeting, It was the most boring meeting I ever went to in my life! Brother Molina told us to bring notes, so I did, and I studied them the whole time. We also had to clean our class again and we got a perfect score. (we got a perfect score all nine weeks!) I was able to send letters with Elder Bell that night. I think he's in the singles ward right now. Courtney said she met him last Sunday. If you guys see him, tell him he's the best and a super great guy and stuff.

Last Tuesday we had our last fireside and it was a member of the seventy....I didn't take any notes or I did and I forgot to bring them and I really don't remember....It was an alright talk.

Wednesday Brother Molina said that if we use "po" the right way, in almost every sentance we will be impressive to the Filipinos. So that's kool because i use "po" in almost every sentance. What "po" is, is it pretty much just adds respect to the sentence your saying. He also said we will be fluent once we can start using na and pa in the right way because they add color to the language.

Thursday I had to get shots, i will be sending a paper home so you can pay it, cuz i don't have the cash here.....Thanks guys. You can take it out of my account (obviously). Thanks guys. Pretty much all we did that day was teach. We had the TRC...it went alright. We had to teach with 4 people though for the first part because there were not enough tagalog speaking volunteers. The second part went really well, they got 2 more volunteers at the last minute Elder Johnson and I taught and it went well.

Friday I had to teach the class about magpa and ipa verbs in class with Brother Molina. I also had an interview with Brother May, he had a lot of cool things to say and we spoke a lot about how the Philippines will be. Friday was our last gym. Played four square, of course. It was fun.

Saturday was a great day! It was our last class with Brother May and Brother Molina. For Brother May we played jeopardy. There were 5 subjects: Mang verbs, Mga kuwento ni brother may (Brother May's stories, about his mission.) Ano po sa inggles ang ________(what is this in english?) Anong Kabanata?(which chapter is this from in preach my gospel) and Sinong nagsabi (who said this? from the scriptures.) We did it by companionships, I got all of the questions from which chapter, 2 from brother mays stories, and 1 from all the other subjects. Elder Johnson Got one from mang verbs....Before final jeopardy, we were in second by a long shot. It was close between us and Elder Andrus and Tuitama...We bet everything..... and lost! Elder Morris and Elder Comish ended up winning because they were the only ones who got the question right......

We also got a ton of pictures with Brother May after, and he gave us advice for when we get to the Philippines. In Brother Molina's class, he taught us Tagalog slang. Which is good to know so we can understand it and we can express ourselves better. Then we asked questions about him. He told us the reason he teaches us is because he is soooooo jealous that we get to be on missions. He was crying while saying this. It was hard to fight back the tears.. Then we took pics, asked questions about his mission, about his life, it was kool. He is married and has a one year old kid. It was a good class. Then that night I wrote my talk, lost it, then had to write it again!

Sunday we had a district meeting with Pres.Taylor, which was great. Then we had sacrament meeting. So I get there and on the stand is President Mciff, the second councillor with the "s" whistle, who I love. His talks are amazing and we never really get to see him when he isn't on a stand in a huge room with 2000 missionaries. This time there was only like 40 of us and he was there with his wife. So we had sacrament. Then President Taylor called on Elder Malimali and.............I to give a talk! Everyone thought it would be me because Pres.Mciff was there. So I got up on the podium, thanked Malimali, said "kamusta", said "Mabuhay" (welcome) to President Mciff and his wife, then I looked at the paper, and saw that it was the talk that I had written last week, so i freaked out.....! Instead of talking about binyag (baptism) I spoke about pagsisisi (repentance). Which was alright but i forgot which scriptures i wanted to use, so i had to think of them while i was on the stand.... Then all the Missionaries leaving the MTC sang "Behold a Royal Army", with 2 verses in english, the last verse in Tagalog, which was great.

President Mciff said he really liked my talk and that I had a good spirit. I got a picture with him, his wife and Elder Johnson after. After that we took pictures with the District presidency, then we had a temple walk and I got a ton of pics with everyone. Then that night guess who spoke? President Mciff! It was a great fireside! It was about not doing stupid things on our mission. That night we also sang hymns in the residence, sa Tagalog. I got it recorded on tape, so yea... It was really spiritual like last time, and just great.... We sang a lot of songs.

So today is the day I should be calling home around 8, your time. I'm not sure though. I would like to talk to Justin and Andrew first, then you guys, then Theresa. I'm not sure how long I will have but I'm thinking about 10 minutes each about? Dunno really...... I don't know how many minutes the card you gave me has soooooo yea.....
Anyways email me back. I have a lot of packing to do so I have to go now. Thank Courtney, and the Kaufmans for their dear elders. And thanks for the package.... I still have a ton of food...But yea thanks! For all the letters and everything. Talk to you later!
Elder Chris Gagnon

P.S. Hey nevermind sending me an email back, were leaving at 4:30, this will probably be the last time I am on the computer. I don't know how much the calling card is, but I would still like to speak to everyone in the same order. I am soooooo excited right now! My bags are perfectly under the weight limit. I also took out cash, I sent a box home with ties, sweaters, and my jacket, and a tape of us singing the night the old district left 6 weeks ago, and us singing last night (in tagalog.) I hope you guys like it! Anyways I really gotta go now! Talk to you soon!



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