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Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 13th, 2012

Hello Family! Today was temple day so it was also our P-day. I'm here in Mega Mall in Makati zone with the Zone leaders and 2 other elders in our zone. Last week was super amazing. We had so much success and we are really seeing the missionary work go up in General Trias. Brother Don is going to get interviewed this Sunday for his baptism. We taught him the plan of salvation last Sunday and it went really well. He is really ready to be baptized. Last Tuesday we had our zone meeting which went well. Something that the whole mission is focusing on is finding. We had a really good experience last week finding. Actually we found this family 2 Fridays ago and taught them last Thursday for the first time. It started 2 Fridays ago when me and Elder Woolsey were lost looking for an address and I actually have a trick to do finding. I talk to everyone and ask them if they know where a certain address is to try and start a conversation. We did it to one sister last week, Sister Shirley and she agreed to have us over the next week to meet her and her husband. We taught them the restoration last week, extended baptismal dates on the first lesson and then taught about the Book Of Mormon Introduction 2 days later. That Sunday the husband, Brother Joelan came to church and loved it! I'm sure both of them are going to be baptized this coming December 15th. They are both really ready people and love listening to us. They are the Albao family. We also have been teaching Brother Arnie Rojas. I think 2 weeks ago we extended him a baptismal date for the 1st of December. At that time he wasn't really sure if he was ready, but last week we taught about the Book Of Mormon and he had read it himself and said that his faith in Christ increased so much and all he read was 3 Nephi 11 and the B.O.M Introduction. It's just really cool to see where he was a few weeks ago where he wasn't sure if he wanted to leave his old church because he was a teacher there and everything. But he really wants to be baptized. He shared to us last night how much he really loves the church and everything. It was another great spiritual experience for both Elder Woolsey and I. Also last Monday, we found 10 new investigators, some that I really think have great potential. We found another family of 4 where we were only able to share a 5 minute lesson about God and prayer. It was great though. I have a really great feeling about them. We are going back to them tomorrow. I'm really excited for everything that is happening in General Trias. That's about it though for now. I'm really tired because we had to get up at 3:30 a.m. this morning to come to the temple. But we had a great session and everything went well. Things a going good with Elder Woolsey. His Tagalog is coming along. He is a bit quiet in lessons and everything but it's all good. He's a hard worker. Training is really fun! :D That's about it though for this week. I forgot my card reader so I will unfortunatly not be able to send pics... But I will send some next week! I hope you guys have an amazing week though! I love you! :D Elder Gagnon

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