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Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 16th, 2012

Batch from the MTC - Elder Morris, Elder Comish and Elder Gagnon
Hello family! We had another excellent and tiring week. Elder Kunzler and I have been working so hard in our area. Things are going really amazing too! Last week we were able to commit 2 more people to baptism on a specific date. We committed Sister Janet to August 25th, who is a friend of sister Bunny, a member here. And we also committed Sister Elona to August 4th. Both are doing really well and really progressing. Sister Janet even came to church without her friend, Sister Bunny. Things are looking great in August for Makati 2nd. This month we are going to have 2 this week. Sister Reyna is going to be baptized this Saturday and then we have Sister Charlene on Sunday. They are both really excited and we are really excited for both of them. Also doing really good is Brother Albert, He still has word of wisdom problems but it's going down a lot. He is doing really great. We are also still teaching Sister Sheila who is doing pretty good and should be baptized on August 18th. Then we also have Sister Elaine, who came to a baptism in Mandaluyong last Saturday again and she loved it. I think her going to those is really great because she gets to see the love of the members to each other. She also gets to meet a bunch of other missionaries which is really kool! :D Last week we also had ZLC. It was really good. All the batch that I came with to the Philippines with was there. Elder Comish is still the Zone leader in Cavite, and Elder Morris the Zone leader in Narra. It's always great to see batch! The ZLC was about a lot of different things. President said that we really need to be inviting people to be baptized more often. We also spoke about faith and how we can retain new converts to the church. It was a good ZLC and a lot of what we discussed is what we will be discussing in our zone meeting tomorrow. Elder Kunzler and I are still not 100% sure what we are going teach, but it will be a great lesson! :D Well, I don't have much else to say. I need to take a nap today. Things are getting crazy in Makati. Elder Kunzler and I have both been working harder than ever. Everyday we have just come home exhausted. And it's usually like that but even more so this transfer. I'm sorry if my emails have been really short lately. It's just because I'm really tired though and can't really think about what to write. I think I might bring my journal with me and just copy what I write in there and send it to you guys. That's really great about Justin sending in his mission papers. He is going to be a fantastic missionary! The only advice I would have for him is to memorize Preach My Gospel and read a chapter of the Book Of Mormon and the New Testament every day. Elder Kunzler thinks he is going to England and I think he will be going to Germany. We both say he is going to Europe though. I'm also really excited for Chris Morales. I could see him serving in......This mission! Haha. Maybe he will and I will train him! That would be really kool. I know he will serve in the Philippines though. Possibly San Pablo mission or Quezon City. It would be sooo kool if he served in the Manila mission though! Keep me updated on everyone who is about to leave and where they will be serving. That is about it for this week though. I love you guys so much! Thank you for painting my room, oh and please tell Christian Ocay that I was happy to hear from him and also I met someone who knew him when he was serving a mission who lives on Palawan. She's also an RM and they were in the same district. I can't remember her name because she was in the Puerto Branch. Anyways please thank him for the letter. Have a great week everyone. I love you! Elder Chris Gagnon

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