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Monday, August 22, 2011

Elder Munk and Elder Olongayo (Chris' "brothers" in the mission) with Elder Gagnon

Hey guys!
I have good news and bad news.....I'll start with the bad news.... Haha. I forgot to bring my planner and my journal, so writing home today is going to be a little bit harder for me today...The good news is I had a good week. We taught a ton of lessons and had a few new people at sacrament.

So I know I usually do this day by day. But because I didn't bring anything to remind what I did during last week it's going to be a little bit scattered. It will still be good though I promise! Haha.

So last week, no we did not have any baptisms. We are going to have 2 that are pretty much for sure on September 3rd. Marilou did not come to sacrament last week so we have to delay her....Again... :( Larry and Jessa, are both ready though. Jessa is actually doing really well. Her family is doing a lot better. Her family has been sort of less active for a while but for the past few weeks they have been coming to church and even invited us over for dinner this week. So they are doing great. Jessa is actually really smart for a nine year old girl. Her prayers are awesome! Haha. Larry is coming along. He still has a hard time reading though. But he has stopped smoking completely which is great! We're really happy for him. And he has been coming to church almost every week since we first met him. I think he missed it once because he was sick. But yea. Larry is doing great!

Last week we contacted Guillermo's sons wife. Guillermos son is usually away. So he wasn't there but we all taught his wife, Mercy. It was actually a great lesson. Tatay Guillermo actually taught with us that lesson. We had a ton of members present at our lessons this week we only have 5 out of 29 that were not with members. Guillermo worked with us quite a bit. That lesson was really good though. Guillermo bore his testimony about going to church and how important it is to him. He said that a while ago he used to get sick. But now that he has been going to church the bread and water, that is his medicine. I love him. I'm really worried about getting transfered next September. I've gotten really close with the investigators, members, and our recent converts here. Transfer day is September 7th. :( Anyways that lesson with Mercy was really good. We never have gotten to get back yet. But we are going to this week.

Another family that we have really been working with is the Honorio family. Last week we had Sister Rose work with us when we taught them. She is really good at teaching. We taught them about Joseph Smith. This time the whole family was there and it went really really well. Jaypee, the 2nd oldest actually came to church but didn't come inside because he was shy. The rest of the family had stuff to do but want to come to church next week. I'm excited for them. I went to their house last Sunday with Elder Lipasan, a greeny in Taytay, Elder Bagahansols replacement and Chris our ward mission leader. I asked what they thought about Joseph Smith and they said because of the things which they felt they believe that it is true. That really surprised me. Haha. Hopefully next week they will all be able to come to church.

Mary Grace is doing ok. We only taught her once last week. Interested, but says she cannot come to church because her kids are too loud....

Lee and Alfred are also doing great. Tatay Guillermo was at their house last Sunday. I was teaching with Chris and Nanay Aurino. It wasn't even a lesson. We were just talking about temples. It was really good though. Lee is really sick though and she is having a hard time. Her and Alfred both want to get married and be baptized and go to the temple but they are having a hard time getting to church. Sister Lee's mom, Nanay Erlinda has been really encouraging though. Tatay Guillermo said that he really wants to go to the temple in next October in 2012, that's when the temple trip is. He also said it would be great if I could witness their sealing. That would be really great! I'm already excited for them!

Last Thursday we had zone conference. It was really good. President Stucki decided that the mission goal for 2011 is to have 300 baptisms in one month. I think it's a great goal that is going to make the whole mission stretch. Every companionship is going to have to have 3 in one month to do that. After he spoke about a few different things we were taught about how to find and role played for a bit. It was cool though because before we role played, Pres Stucki, and Elder Belarmino (New A.P, who is a legend in my area) actually taught Sister Stucki and Elder Afaga to show us a demonstration. It was cool to see him teach. He is obviously really good. So we went and practiced. Then he spoke about another new goal that the zone has which is contacting 10 referrals in one week. Getting referrals is pretty hard a lot of times people just don't give them. Most of the ones we do get though end up progressing though. Anyways it was a really good zone conference. :)

We found another few new investigators that came to church this week. One is Lobick who was a referral and sister from a member. She is doing great. She really wants to change her life. Every time we go teach her she invites everyone around to listen. It is really kool. One of the people she invited is 76 year old Alejandro. I really like Alejandro. He came to church 3 days after we met him. Haha. He is also looking for religion though which is really kool. They live in the same house but it's like a boarding house so a few different people live there. It's good. :)

Speaking of Alejandro, the younger one, he is still really doing great. He came to church last week. We had 6 at sacrament last week. He is still having a hard time accepting that Joseph Smith is a true prophet. Doing good though.

I had a cool experience today actually that Elder Staples shared. So I don't know if I told you about this but me and Elder Glodo received a referral from Tatay Palatino. It was his grandson. Me and Glodo actually met him in Roxas and when we met him the first thing he told us was that he wanted to be baptized because it was one of his requirements for school to have a baptismal certificate. So obviously me and Glodo thought that he was doing it all for the wrong reasons. Anyways it turned out that he actually lives in Puerto, which is the zone leaders area. So we gave his name to them. Anyways today Elders Staples was saying how great he is doing. He reads everything they give to him and explains every detail in that chapter and in every other chapter around it. He also quit smoking! And he is working with the missionaries. He went to one lesson with them and just ended up working with them the whole day bearing his testimony about how true the gospel is. He is getting baptized next week, which is AMAZING! I'm excited for him because like the change is really amazing. He really only wanted to get baptized because it was a requirement for him and now he is like working with the missionaries. So I think that is just great!

I love my mission so much.

Please tell Theresa I said Congratulations and I'm really happy for her. Also Please tell Antonia that I said Hi!

I love you guys so much. I love my mission so much. It really is amazing. Thank you so much for all your support!

Mahal Kita!

Elder Chris Gagnon

P.S. Pics: This is Me and my brothers in the mission, we are all sons of Elder Guarino. We're also all on Palawan. In the middle is Elder Olongayo, then on the left is Elder Munk. Elder Olongayo and Munk both go home together. Guarino trained Olongayo and then right after trained Munk, then 2 transfers later, he trained me. Then he went home :)

So that is it. I don't know why but the comp will not let me send any more pictures... Sorry! I Guess that's about it for this week. :(

I love you guys!

Elder Chris Gagnon

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